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For most businesses, the most important part of maintaining successful operations is being profitable. But profitability isn’t just about high sales or supplying demand for services. Efficiency in an operation can be just as important to maintaining profitability as whatever product or service is being provided. Teaching, for example, can be invaluable in giving students and other professionals’ new skills, but the success of teaching relies on the availability of teachers and their ability to work. Anything that interferes with a teacher’s ability to teach has a huge impact on the effectiveness of education.

In the same way that less tangible factors can affect the value of education, the same is true in the business world. It’s not just how many workers or how many services a business provides that determines success, it’s how well these resources are being used. A drug test can be a valuable tool in maintaining efficiency at your company.

Drug Screening Employers

Why It Is Important

While every employee is entitled to live their private life after hours as they see fit, that kind of freedom only applies to being able to keep an activity out of the office. The moment an activity actively interferes with the ability to come in and do work, it’s not just an employee’s problem anymore; it’s yours. Drug use is one of those activities that can take place after hours, but have lingering effects even into the next business day. And if drugs are being actively used during the time when an employee should be working, you can—and should—know about, which is where a drug screening test comes in.

If you don’t think that drug use can affect your bottom line, think again. What may seem like a strictly private activity that is none of your business can have serious repercussions on your own business in a variety of ways. Think also about you company’s regulation and the fact the illicit drug use is illegal and a crime.


By pre-screening potential employees for drug use, you can save yourself the headache of needing to fire employees later down the road and seek replacements. Being able to use a drug screening test gives you the ability to know ahead of time exactly what kind of employee behavior you are bringing into your office and sharing amongst your existing employees.


People that use drugs, especially those that attend work under the influence can have a significant negative effect on productivity. Impaired judgment can lead to the wrong decisions, necessitating costly and time consuming corrections. Impaired ability to work can result in poor or slow results which can mean mixed deadlines. And if people are so affected by drugs that they can’t even show up for work, you are missing out on critical employees and results that you hired so as to avoid the situation you are now in.


Drug use doesn’t just affect the efficiency of a single individual, it can affect an entire workplace. Someone under the influence of drugs can make critical mistakes in judgment or, worse yet, in actual operation when it comes to more dangerous tasks such as construction or the operation of heavy machinery. The US Department of Justice found that 50% of the accidents in the workplace were related to drug use and 40% of the theft in a workplace was related to drugs. This doesn’t just endanger the worker using the drugs, but threatens other employees and the business itself.

A Drug Screening Test Is the Answer

When you employ a drug screening test, you are protecting both your business interests and your employees. A drug free environment is both more efficient and safer for everyone. At National Drug Screening, we offer fast, efficient, professional testing focused on your needs. With 10 panel drug testing, we can collect urine samples from your employees and have the results sent to our labs and then the lab data can be evaluated by our medical review officer (MRO) to ensure accurate results. With standard urine drug testing, we can detect the usage of drugs for several days from the time of consumption.

If you want something that works over a longer framework of time, we also offer a newer method of screening known as the hair follicle test. By analyzing the metabolites deposited in human hair after each drug use, we can detect drug use in a subject up to a period of 90 days. With hair testing the ability for the applicant or employee to cheat on the test is just about eliminated.

If you want to know more about how you can make your workplace safer, more efficient and a drug free environment, talk to us about our testing procedures. With the right measures in place, you can make sure that your employees and your business stay free of drugs and ready to work at maximum efficiency. Start today to think about implementing a drug free workplace in your company.