Customer Uploads/ Downloads


Choose the spreadsheet type below to download the appropriate spreadsheet template.

  • Save the File to your computer
  • Open the spreadsheet and add all applicable data. Save the updated spreadsheet to your computer with today’s date (e.g. 2020-06-20).
  • Fill in the required information in the NDS Secure Upload for Random Pool list section below and upload the random list.
  • Once you click on “Upload a File” the information is submitted to the NDS Randoms Team.  No follow-up email is required to the Randoms Team.

Download Templates:

DOT FMCSA RANDOM TEMPLATE (see how to video below)

DOT – ALL OTHER MODES (NOT FMCSA) (see how to video below)

nonDOT RANDOMS TEMPLATE (see how to video below)

How To Complete The FMCSA Randoms Spreadsheet

How To Complete The DOT (not FMCSA) Randoms Spreadsheet​

How To Complete The non-DOT Randoms Spreadsheet​