Drug Testing in St Louis

With locations throughout the St Louis, Missouri area, National Drug Screening is your professional choice for drug and alcohol testing programs for both individuals and employers. Drug tests can be ordered quickly online or with a quick phone call to 866-843-4545.  This can be urine drug testing or hair drug testing. Both DOT drug testing and Non-DOT drug testing are available in the St Louis, Missouri area. Scroll down to view all of our drug testing locations in St Louis, Missouri.

State laws for drug testing in St Louis, Missouri

Marijuana in the workplace for St Louis, Missouri

Drug Testing Programs in St Louis, Missouri

Drug testing programs are available at our drug test centers in St Louis, Missouri. Employers can get assistance with a pre-employment drug test in St Louis or a full drug-free workplace program. Immediate same day service is available for all drug test programs. Post-accident drug testing is available in St Louis. Drug test policies should limit post-incident testing to situations in which employee drug use cannot be ruled out as potentially contributing to the incident. Missouri does not have a drug testing statute but employers must meet certain drug testing requirements in order to challenge workers’ and unemployment comp claims. A comprehensive drug test program is available to achieve these challenges.

Employers can rely on professional Drug Testing services from National Drug Screening. Check out our Google Reviews and Professional Certifications as a highly rated drug testing provider. Drug free workplace programs can save money and prevent bad things from happening. Need drug free workplace trainings? Two options: Computer Based Online Trainings and Live Webinar Trainings

Personal or individual drug test programs are also available. If you have a situation that you need drug test or alcohol test for yourself or a family member in St Louis, then you can call National Drug Screening for immediate assistance. Our drug test centers are located near St Louis.