Drug Testing in Philadelphia

Drug testing is common in the area before residents are offered a job. If you are searching for a facility to perform testing for your company, consider how the test is performed below. Click here to find an immediate testing location in your area. 

Our drug testing centers in Philadelphia can provide drug testing for employment purposes, drug free workplace policies, court ordered drug testing, probation drug testing, personal drug tests and child custody drug testing. Our drug test centers can provide testing with urine and hair for drugs and for alcohol including EtG alcohol testing.

For immediate drug and alcohol testing services in Philadelphia, PA call 866-843-4545. Call today for same-day service for drug testing for DOT programs and non-DOT programs. Special consortium programs available for owner operators.

What to Expect at Your Drug Testing Appointment

When you send an employee to have a drug test, you may be wondering what exactly they can expect when they walk into the collection facility.

Typically, you will tell the potential employee when they need to go into the lab. The employee will be given a sterile cup to place their urine in. The cup is then sealed and labeled with their name.

Testing of the urine will be performed and you should work with a lab that is SAMHSA certified. The drug testing provider should also have an MRO on staff. An MRO is a Medical Review Officer and is the person responsible for looking over the drug testing results and evaluating any medical explanations for hits on a drug test.

The MRO is also responsible for making sure the test is accurate and providing you with the results of the employee’s drug screening.

If you have any questions about the drug testing provider you plan to work with, speak with them one on one and ask questions to learn more about their process, their certifications, and how soon you can receive the results of any test.