Los Angeles, CA is part of the local Los Angeles metropolitan area along with the Greater Los Angeles area. These areas together have roughly 13 million people living throughout them, which makes this one of the largest and most populated metropolitan areas. The city is always busy and full of life and that is why it attracts so many people to it. Whether you want to head to the beach, go downtown to shop, or eat at one of the most luxurious restaurants in the world, you can do so.

Known for having some of the best waves and landmarks, residents will always have something to see or do when here. The climate is considered to be a Mediterranean climate, which is why many people enjoy it. You can expect sunshine and heat throughout the summer and most of the year. The winters are cold, but not too cold to handle.

If you are looking to have some of your newest employees screened for drugs prior to hiring them, you need to make sure that you are working with a credible drug testing facility. Consider the below tips and things to think about before you choose a provider.

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What You Need to Think About Before Hiring a Drug Testing Provider

Before you choose your drug testing provider, you need to decide what it is that you are looking for from drug testing potential employees as well as employees already in your company. Whether you are trying to screen new applicants or you want to provide random tests to ensure your drug-free workplace policies and rules are being followed, your plan for testing will serve as your guidelines.

Once you know your guidelines, you can then start narrowing down what types of qualities you want the center or facility to have such as the latest technology, an MRO on staff, a SAMHSA lab certification, and more.

Before you come to a final judgment on who you plan to use, think about the location of the testing centers in relation to your company, the collection methods, the drug testing services, and the turnaround times for the results. These things will help you make the right choice.

Our drug testing centers in and around Los Angeles can provide drug testing for employment purposes, drug free workplace policies, court ordered drug testing, probation drug testing, personal drug tests and child custody drug testing. Our drug test centers can provide testing with urine and hair for drugs and for alcohol including EtG alcohol testing.

Drug Test Centers in Los Angeles, CA

Our drug test centers are open daily. Immediate drug testing is available. The process is easy and simple for individuals or for employers. Call (Ph: 866-843-4545) or Click to order a drug or alcohol test today. For employers, easy account set up or immediate drug test can be ordered today.