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If you are in need of new employees, but you want to make sure you screen them for drugs first, you will need to find a quality drug testing provider to work with. These tips below will help you weed out the good from the bad.

Choosing a Drug Testing Provider in Indianapolis, Indiana

Our drug testing centers in Indianapolis, IN can provide drug testing for employment purposes, drug-free workplace policies, court-ordered drug testing, probation drug testing, personal drug tests, and child custody drug testing. Our drug test centers can provide testing with urine and hair for drugs and for alcohol including EtG alcohol testing.

When it comes time to pick a provider for your drug testing needs, you should check to make sure they have an in-house, full time MRO on staff. A MRO is a Medical Review Officer and is responsible for looking over the tests to make sure that they were performed correctly. The MRO is also able to provide insight on the drug testing process.

All MROs are responsible for making sure that the testing is done in a quality and controlled environment to ensure that the tests are not compromised and that the tests are credible and reliable.

Another thing that you want to keep an eye on is the experience of the provider you choose. You do not want to go with an inexperienced provider and wish that you chose someone who was more credible and trustworthy with your testing. Do the research first and always look for a facility that has a SAMHSA certified laboratory.

It is important that you are testing your employees to limit your liability and ensure their eligibility to work for you. When you work hand in hand with a quality drug testing provider, you can rely on the results you receive to make your hiring decisions.