Drug Testing Centers in Houston, Texas

Houston is located in Texas and is considered the most populated city in the state with an average estimated population of over 2.2 million people. The city is home to an NFL team, the Texans, and residents flock to watch them play their games when at home. The climate in Houston is hot and humid throughout the summer with it cooling off a bit in the winter. It is important to note that during the spring and summer season, the residents in the area experience a lot of rainfall and some severe storms.

The city has a lot to see and do along with beautiful towering buildings that make up the downtown cityscape. Residents here enjoy the weather and the fun life that awaits them.

If you are an employer in Houston and looking to have drug tests performed on your new potential employees, there are some things you want to keep an eye out for when searching for a drug testing facility.

Our drug testing centers in Houston and surrounding areas can provide drug testing for employment purposes, drug-free workplace policies, court-ordered drug testing, probation drug testing, personal drug tests, and child custody drug testing. Our drug test centers can provide testing with urine and hair for drugs and for alcohol including EtG alcohol testing.

What to Look for in a Drug Testing Provider

When you begin searching Houston for a drug testing provider, begin looking at what the facility has to offer you. For instance, consider what the technology of the company has. The facility should be advanced and able to provide you with the latest including online documentation, fast results, quick and effective collection and testing methods, and comprehensive tests. Does you provider have electronic chain of custody – eCCF?

If you need to have more than one type of drug tested for, but a provider does not offer it, you should seek out a new company. The one you choose needs to offer multiple types of testing from hair to blood, urine, oral fluid and more to ensure you have a wide range of choices.

In addition, the facility should have a full time Medical Review Officer (MRO) on staff to read the results and provide you with readouts and explanations as necessary. If a test result comes back with a concerning result, you want to know how accurate it is, what it means for you, and what you need to do.

Lastly, the lab should always be SAMHSA certified to ensure the results are accurate and legally defensible.

Don’t ever just choose a facility without asking all the right questions about drug and alcohol testing and drug-free workplace policies. Otherwise, you may end up with tests that fall short of what you expected.

For immediate drug testing services in Houston, call 866-843-4545.

Search for Testing Locations

Testing locations in Houston, Texas

Location Address
Accurate Drug And Alcohol Testing, Inc Houston 10039 Bissonnet Street, Houston, Texas 77036
Act Dna Drug &Amp; Alcohol Testing 5330 Griggs Road, Suite: G-103, Houston, Texas 77021
Alc Testing Services Houston 9322 Eastex Freeway, Houston, Texas 77093
All Star Testing, Inc Houston 3300 CRAWFORD ST, Houston, Texas 77004
Braeswood Occupational Clinic Houston 7545 S Braeswood Blvd, Houston, Texas 77071
Broadway Clinic Houston 900 Broadway St, Houston, Texas 77012
Concentra Medical Center Houston 12345 Katy Fwy, Houston, Texas 77079
Concentra Medical Center Houston 6360 W Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston, Texas 77041
Concentra Medical Center Houston 9321 Kirby Dr, Houston, Texas 77054
Concentra Medical Centers Houston 10909 I-10 E. Freeway, Houston, Texas 77029
Concentra Medical Centers Houston 1000 N Post Oak Rd, Houston, Texas 77055
Concentra Medical Centers Houston 6545 Southwest Fwy, Houston, Texas 77074
Concentra Medical Centers Houston 8799 North Loop E Ste 110, Houston, Texas 77029
Concentra Medical Centers Houston 2004 Leeland St, Houston, Texas 77003
Concentra Medical Centers Houston 8505 Gulf Fwy Ste F, Houston, Texas 77017
Concentra Medical Centers Houston 401 Greens Rd, Houston, Texas 77060
Direct Occupational Centers Llc Houston 1920 Rankin Road, Houston, Texas 77073
Emsi-Houston Houston 4635 Southwest Frwy., Houston, Texas 77027
Examone -Medical Profiles Houston 2600 S Gessner, Houston, Texas 77063
Garcia Clinic Houston 3520 BROADWAY ST, Houston, Texas 77017
Gonzalez Family & Occupational Medicin Houston 13125 East Freeway, Houston, Texas 77015
Houston Med Testing Services Inc. Houston 2646 South Loop W Ste 550, Houston, Texas 77054
Immediate Medical Care Houston 1202 Nasa Pkwy, Houston, Texas 77058
Interactive Medical Connections, Inc. Houston 700 Gemini St Ste 110, Houston, Texas 77058
Labcorp Houston 10930 RESOURCE PKWY # C, Houston, Texas 77089
Labcorp Houston 11301 fallbrook # 126, Houston, Texas 77065
Labcorp Houston 1213 HERMANN DR STE 155, Houston, Texas 77004
Labcorp Houston 13215 DOTSON RD #120, Houston, Texas 77070
Labcorp Houston 17070 RED OAK DR STE 107, Houston, Texas 77090
Labcorp Houston 427 W 20TH ST STE 504, Houston, Texas 77008
Labcorp Houston 5420 DASHWOOD DR STE 205, Houston, Texas 77081
Labcorp Houston 7007 NORTH FWY STE 235, Houston, Texas 77076
Labcorp Houston 8313 SOUTHWEST FWY STE 111, Houston, Texas 77074
Labcorp Houston 855 FROSTWOOD, Houston, Texas 77024
Medical Exams Direct Inc Houston 9900 WESTPARK DR, Houston, Texas 77063
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System-Ven Houston PO Box 201367, Houston, Texas 77216
Milby Clinic Pa Houston 5151 Katy Freeway Suite 130, Houston, Texas 77007
National Screening Center Houston 2150 W 18th St Ste 203, Houston, Texas 77008
National Screening Center Houston 407 Fannin, Houston, Texas 77002
Next Level Urgent Care Houston 8100 HIGHWAY 6 N, Houston, Texas 77095
Nova Health Care Centers Houston 13469 I-10 East, Houston, Texas 77015
Nova Health Care Houston 11120 NORTH FWY, Houston, Texas 77037
Nova Healthcare Centers Houston 110 Cypress Station Dr Ste 280, Houston, Texas 77090
Nova Medical Center – West Houston Houston 11621 A-Katy Fwy, Houston, Texas 77079
Nova Medical Centers Houston 9563 South Main, Houston, Texas 77025
Nova Medical Centers Houston 1214 NORTH POST OAKS, SUITE 10, Houston, Texas 77055
Nova Medical Centers Houston 12885 Gulf Freeway, Houston, Texas 77034
Nova Medical Centers Houston 9940 W Sam Houston Pkwy S Ste, Houston, Texas 77099
Nove Healthcare Centers Houston 14825 Northwest Fwy, Houston, Texas 77040
Personal Lab Services Houston 7457 Harwin Dr Ste 170, Houston, Texas 77036
Pinnacle Medical Management Houston 654 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Ste 1, Houston, Texas 77060
Quest Diagnostics-Almeda 5711 Almeda Rd, Houston, Texas 77004
Quest Diagnostics-Binz Psc 1200 Binz St, Houston, Texas 77004
Quest Diagnostics-East Freeway Psc 1140 Westmont Dr Ste 510, Houston, Texas 77015
Quest Diagnostics-Highland Meadows 11717 Highland Meadow Dr, Houston, Texas 77089
Quest Diagnostics-Jones Road Psc 10680 Jones Road, Houston, Texas 77065
Quest Diagnostics-Northwest Psc 1919 North Loop W Ste 125, Houston, Texas 77008
Quest Diagnostics-South Main Psc 7515 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77054
Quest Diagnostics-Wednesbury Psc 8200 Wednesbury Lane Suite # 4, Houston, Texas 77074
Quest Diagnostics-West Houston Medical 12121 Richmond Ave Ste 124, Houston, Texas 77082
Quest Diagnostics-Willowbrook Psc 13300 Hargrave Road, Houston, Texas 77070
Texas Alcohol And Drug Testing Service Houston 16903 Red Oak Dr Ste 130, Houston, Texas 77090
Texas Alliance Medical Group Houston 13259 East Freeway, Houston, Texas 77015
Texas Alliance Medical Group Houston 14755 1-45 North Freeway, Sui, Houston, Texas 77090
Texas Alliance Medical Group Houston 6535 South West Freeway, Houston, Texas 77074
Texas Alliance Medical Group Houston 6969 Gulf Freeway, Suite 370, Houston, Texas 77087
Texas Alliance Medical Group-Doctors C Houston 14770 Memorial Dr # 220, Houston, Texas 77079
Texas Alliance Medical Group-Northwest Houston 10961 N.W. Freeway, Houston, Texas 77092
Us Healthworks Medical Group Houston 16630 Imperial Valley Dr Ste 1, Houston, Texas 77060
Us Healthworks Medical Group Houston 1414 South Loop W # 200, Houston, Texas 77054
Us Healthworks Medical Group Houston 1500 West Loop N Ste 137, Houston, Texas 77008
Us Healthworks Medical Group Houston 17410 Northwest Fwy, Houston, Texas 77040
Us Healthworks Medical Group-Houston – Houston 9200 Hempstead Highway, Houston, Texas 77008
Westfield Urgent Care, Pa-Sonja Katrin Houston 2010 Fm 1960 Rd E, Houston, Texas 77073