Top 10 Pre-Employment Screening Companies—2021

Print and digital magazine HR Tech Outlook has announced the Top 10 Pre-Employment Screening Consulting/Service Companies for 2021. National Drug Screening, Inc (NDS) was honored to be selected for 2021. Click Here to view the article in HR Tech Outlook.

Most of the companies on the Top 10 list are companies that provide both background-check and drug-screening services. NDS is unique because it provides only drug-screening services. Company President Joe Reilly stated, “We are experts in drug testing and would find it difficult to be experts at anything else. Our clients look to us for professional, confidential and compliant drug testing services and find that the one-stop shop often does not work.” Reilly added, “The NDS philosophy is to be the best at one important component of the pre-employment screening process—drug testing.”

NDS provides expert drug-testing services in compliance with state and federal laws as well as industry standards and best practices. Further, the company provides a robust MRO Results Online web portal system, enabling its clients to instantly order drug tests and benefit from faster turnaround time for drug test results.  Testing is performed by certified laboratories with results reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).

A key factor in the selection of NDS as a Top 10 service provider is the company’s philosophy of training all team members to become drug-testing experts and industry leaders as well as making them capable of helping employers limit exposure to liability. The NDS customer service policy is based first on “knowledge is power” and second on “we answer the phone.” Maintaining a 4.9-star rating on Google Reviews, NDS is proud of its record of excellence in service to the employers and individuals it serves.

NDS is located in Melbourne, Florida, and does business in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Since 1993, NDS has been offering small- and medium-sized employers high-quality service with fair, competitive pricing under Reilly’s leadership. As one of the experts in the industry, Reilly is often hired as a consultant, trainer, business advisor, and expert witness. He looks forward to continued growth for NDS.

Contact NDS at (866) 843-4545 or visit Immediate testing is available for both employers and individuals.

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