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Every company needs access to reliable drug testing services, especially those in Denver, Colorado. Due to its advantageous position on the eastern side of the American West, this city is home to dozens of major transportation companies. These companies must follow strict drug testing regulations to prevent employees from using drugs while operating heavy machinery.

National Drug Screening offers fast, accurate drug testing services designed for a variety of industries. Used effectively, our services can help create a more productive work environment.

Individuals in Denver are also looking for drug testing services. Immediate drug testing is available with online orders or call us at (866) 843-4545.

Drug Testing Services We Offer in Denver, CO

Because the transportation industry relies on its employees to operate heavy machinery, drug tests are required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). To help you ensure compliance with these regulations, we offer the following drug testing services:

Workplace Testing Services

Any workplace drug use can create an unsafe environment, especially in major Denver industries like transportation. Our workplace drug testing services can screen for upwards of 10 drug compounds, enabling you to customize your testing regimen to meet your needs.

Immediate Drug Testing Services

Sometimes, you need to get drug test results back instantly, like when there’s a workplace accident. Our rapid drug testing services deliver accurate same day results.

DOT Regulated Tests

The DOT regulates several major Denver industries, like air travel and shipping. Anyone working in these fields needs to pass random drug screenings conducted according to specific chain of custody procedures. We offer DOT-compliant tests for both companies and individuals.

Individual Drug Testing Options

Occasionally, individuals are required to undergo personal drug tests. Some common reasons include:

  • All personal reasons
  • Court orders
  • Academic admissions
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Child custody disputes
  • Probation requirements

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Common Drug Test Panels in Denver, CO

Cannabis use is common in Colorado, given that the substance is legal in the state. However, it is still prohibited in many workplaces. In particular, THC use is prohibited by the DOT. Companies that are not regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) can elect to continue to test marijuana or eliminate marijuana from the drug testing panel. (See Denver, Colorado Laws on Marijuana Testing).

To detect cannabis usage, Denver companies need testing protocols that can identify both recent and long-past drug use. We offer the following drug testing services to help detect the usage patterns that concern you most:

10-Panel Drug Test

The 10-panel test detects 10 different drug compounds, including THC, opiates, barbiturates, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines.

Urine Sample Drug Testing

Urine sample drug testing services are the most widely used. Depending on the panel setup, they can detect any drug compound, often within hours of initial consumption. Because urine cycles through the body very quickly, these tests are best at detecting recent drug use. Learn more about common drug testing panels.

Hair Drug Testing

Hair follicle samples reliably pinpoint long-past drug use. Drug compounds remain in the hair for months or even years, making it difficult to hide any drug usage. However, because this method relies on hair from the scalp, it can present problems when testing bald employees and people with very short hair.

Local Drug Testing Services in Denver, CO

Undetected drug use in Denver can severely impact the community. When left unaddressed in the workplace, it can compromise safety and lead to major issues in the world of transportation. Our drug testing services can help you create a safer, more productive environment.

For more information, contact us at (866) 843-4545.

Drug Testing Services FAQ

What steps can I take to guarantee accurate and trustworthy drug test results?

Reliable drug testing services are essential for establishing secure, drug free workplaces. Following the below steps can help you achieve accurate test results:

  1. Choose a reliable drug testing provider: Research several drug testing companies in Denver to find a reliable provider that meets your needs.
  2. Clearly define your drug testing policy: A properly defined testing policy will help employees understand the reason for the tests and the consequences of a positive result.
  3. Use the correct drug testing method: Certain drug tests work better than others for detecting specific compounds and usage patterns. Identify the drugs that concern you most before selecting a testing method.
  4. Consider random drug testing: Random tests are a good deterrent to employee drug use. The unpredictable nature of this testing format makes it hard to hide drug use.
  5. Maintain chain of custody: Clearly outline the chain of custody for drug test samples to prevent tampering during sample handling.

Following the above tips can lead to more trustworthy drug test results. Once you have an effective drug testing program in place, you can leverage the test results to inform future drug use prevention programs.

Two Easy Ways to Schedule your Drug Test Today:

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