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Located in the largest city in the South, Atlanta’s businesses play an important role in the American economy. A large number of Fortune 1000 companies conduct operations in the area. These companies require reliable, drug free employees.

The need for drug free employees is particularly pronounced in the DOT and defense industries, which are major employers in the greater Atlanta area. However, it’s challenging to ensure your employees are drug free if you don’t have access to dependable drug testing services.

National Drug Screening provides fast, effective drug testing services for businesses and individuals. We offer various services to help you meet your company or individual goals. For any reason immediate drug testing services are available.

Drug Testing Services We Offer in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is home to just about every industry you can imagine. Some of the largest include telecoms, auto manufacturing, retail, and transportation. Many of these industries, particularly manufacturing and transportation, have strict drug testing policies for safety reasons. The presence of heavy machinery in these environments makes regular drug testing services a necessity.

At National Drug Screening, we offer the following services and more to meet the needs of both employers and individuals:

Workplace Drug Testing

Every company deserves a drug free workforce. Employees who abuse drugs are more likely to miss work and act in an unsafe manner. Our workplace drug testing services can quickly identify employees who use drugs, enabling you to make informed decisions surrounding employment and prevention programs.

Immediate Drug Testing Services

In urgent situations, like workplace accidents or on-the-job injuries, you need quick results. Our immediate testing services deliver trustworthy same day results.

DOT-Regulated Tests

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires workers in the transportation industry to pass drug tests regularly. These tests screen for a list of substances and must be carried out in a specific manner. Our screenings follow DOT-specific handling procedures and test for all DOT-banned substances.

Individual Drug Testing Options

Common reasons for individual drug tests include:

  • Probation requirements
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Child custody hearings
  • School admissions

National Drug Screening offers reputable individual drug screenings for all these scenarios.

Common Drug Test Panels in Atlanta, GA

A robust testing program is the best way to prevent drug use in the workplace. At National Drug Screening, we offer numerous testing options, each of which can detect various drug compounds. By working with us to choose the appropriate screening for your employees, you can remain confident in their sobriety.

Here are just a few of the drug testing services we offer:

DOT Drug Test

We offer DOT-compliant drug panels that test for the following compounds:

  • THC
  • Cocaine
  • PCP
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates

These tests adhere to the standards laid out by the DOT and are required in major Atlanta industries like air transportation and trucking.

Hair Drug Test Panels

Hair drug panels are the best way to detect long-term drug use. Drug compounds remain in hair strands for months or years. This drug testing service is widely used, affordable, and non-invasive.

Fentanyl 9-Panel and 14-Panel Tests

With fentanyl use on the rise, companies need a way to test for it. We offer both 9-panel urine tests and 14-panel hair follicle tests that can detect fentanyl along with other drugs.

Local Drug Testing Services in Atlanta, GA

Having access to reliable drug testing services is essential, whether you need a personal drug test or want to avoid the dangerous circumstances associated with workplace drug use. National Drug Screening offers accurate and convenient drug tests to meet those needs. For more information, contact us at 866-843-4545.

Drug Testing Services FAQ

What are the main types of drug screenings?

Drug testing services come in various types, each designed to detect specific drug compounds and usage patterns. Understanding the most common testing services can help you create tailored testing protocols.

There are three main types of drug tests: urine, saliva/oral fluid, and hair follicle. Urine and hair follicle tests are the most common, though each type has its purpose:

  • Urine drug tests: This test requires the subject to provide a urine sample in a sterile container. The sample is then taken to a lab and tested. This test reliably detects recent drug use.
  • Saliva/oral fluid drug tests: A saliva test analyzes a saliva sample obtained via a mouth swab. It is non-invasive and effective for detecting recent or active drug use.
  • Hair follicle drug tests: During this test, the subject provides a small hair sample from their scalp. This test is great for detecting long-past drug use, as compounds remain in the hair for months or even years.

A reliable drug testing company like National Drug Screening can provide recommendations for your testing program. Turn to your drug testing service provider to see which type of drug test you should administer.

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Two Easy Ways to Schedule your Drug Test Today:

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