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O. T.

Hello, I would like to take the time to say thank you to Erika Hammer for all her time and dedication over the last four months. When I finally called your company, I had a court order requiring proof of six months of sobriety; I had already 4 months of sobriety, but no proof to provide. Unfortunately, the standard weekly testing available to me was costly and widely unavailable as most local testing sites were open business hours the same as my own. Erika guided me through all my questions and listened in detail to my dilemma. She was beyond gracious and helpful the entire time. She was available by her direct line any time I needed a document for my attorney. Thank you so much to everyone at National Drug Screening for helping me work through what felt like an impossible requirement in the court system, and for connecting me with the correct laboratories and facilities to conduct 2 appointments, 3 months apart, for hair follicle collections. The money I was able to save by doing hair follicle testing rather than weekly testing helped me save for an attorney. I could not have met the court’s order without the excellent service provided by National Drug Screening.