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For drug testing in New Hampshire for individuals for immediate testing, call now: 866-843-4545

Hair drug testing is available for five panel drug test and five panel with expanded opiates drug test.  immediate drug testing is available in New Hampshire.  DNA paternity testing is also available, just one phone call.

Employers in the state of New Hampshire have the right to carry out drug tests for any reason at any time. employers should keep this in mind when employing workers. In fact, no matter the industry a business is operating in, pre-employment drug tests are always beneficial, and so are random drug tests. New Hampshire does not restrict workplace drug testing for any reason.

Fortunately, when it comes to drug testing employees, this can be done in an easy manner. it should be noted that when an employer mandates an employee to take a drug test, the associated expenses must be covered by the employer; however, most likely, such expenses will be tax deductible.

if a worker was to take a drug test and the results come back as positive and the person wants to take another one because he or she believes the results provided were a false-positive, then this is perfectly ok but the person may be required to pay for any additional testing.

Benefits of a Drug Free Workplace

What an employee does during his or her personal time is his or her business; however, when it comes to abusing drugs and alcohol, being that the effects of such substances can linger around for many hours, it is important that such drugs not be abused. If there is a worker in a place of business who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this could lead to injury on either him or herself, another worker or even a customer.

In addition to avoiding injuries, there are many benefits from carrying out drug testing in the workplace. For starters, when workers feel safe and comfortable, they will exhibit higher levels of productivity. Both safety and comfort are enhanced through drug testing.

Additionally, drug testing workers means that a company will only have to pay out benefits to them in legit circumstances. For example, if a worker breaks his or her leg at work, then a company will be required to make worker’s compensation payments. However, immediate drug testing should take place, and if it’s discovered that the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the injury was sustained, this would mean that the company won’t be responsible for making worker’s comp payments.

For worker’s compensation denial the employer should follow drug free workplace policy standards.  The employer shall not be liable for any injury to a worker which is caused in whole or in part by the intoxication, as defined in rsa 281-a:2, xii-a, or by the serious and willful misconduct of the worker. The provision as to intoxication shall not apply, however, if the employer knew that the employee was intoxicated.  Post-accident drug and alcohol testing is critical for the possibility of denying a worker’s comp claim.

Carrying out workplace drug testing also means a business is less likely to employ workers who abuse drugs and/or alcohol. as a result, the business will likely notice a decrease in employee absenteeism. more so, it will be less likely to have employees who are stealing.

What happens when a worker fails a drug test?

Fortunately, it’s completely up to a business as to what happens when a worker fails a drug test. If a person fails a drug test but has a prescription for the drug that showed up as positive, then this isn’t really a failed drug test.

If a company has a worker who adds much value to the business and he or she fails a drug test, the owner may not want to terminate the worker’s employment. If this is the case, the owner has the right to keep the person as a worker, but it will be to everyone’s benefit if the person is at least required to go through some type of treatment program in order to maintain employment.

Unemployment benefits can be denied for a positive drug or alcohol test.

How to drug test employees

There are several ways that a company can drug test its employees. The best way, however, is to have a company that employs highly-qualified individuals to carry out the testing. in fact, for the tests to hold any value in the court of law, they need to be carried out by someone who has been trained to perform them, such as a medical review officer, also commonly referred to as a MRO.

There are many drug testing centers located throughout the state of New Hampshire that employs MROs. please feel free to browse our site to learn more about the many drug screening centers that can be of benefit to you as both an individual and/or employer.

Drug testing and alcohol testing in New Hampshire

  • For drug testing in New Hampshire for employers call now: 866-843-4545
  • For drug testing in New Hampshire for individuals for immediate testing, call now: 866-843-4545

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59 Page Hill Rd

Berlin, New Hampshire 3570

Any Lab Test Now Merrimack

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Merrimack, New Hampshire 3054

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One Crosswoods Path Blvd

Merrimack, New Hampshire 3054

Bedford Occupatinal & Acute Care Ctr Manchester

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Manchester, New Hampshire 3103

Cheshire Medical Center-Keene Keene

580 Court St

Keene, New Hampshire 3431

Concentra Medical Center – Manchester

1279 South Willow Street

Manchester, New Hampshire 3103

Concentra Medical Center Concord

1 Pillsbury St

Concord, New Hampshire 3301

Concentra Medical Centers Nashua

14 Broad St

Nashua, New Hampshire 3064

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Concord, New Hampshire 3301

Dartmouth Hitchcock – Keene Keene

590 Court St

Keene, New Hampshire 3431

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Lebanon

1 Medical Center Dr

Lebanon, New Hampshire 3756

Dr. John Spicer-Health Partners Networ Littleton

243 Cottage Street

Littleton, New Hampshire 3561

Elliot Occupational Health Services-Ma Manchester


Manchester, New Hampshire 3101

Examone -Bedford Bedford

168 S. River Rd

Bedford, New Hampshire 3110

Health Stop Of South Nashua Nashua

228 Daniel Webster Hwy

Nashua, New Hampshire 3060

Indian Stream Health Center, Inc Colebrook

141 Corliss Ln

Colebrook, New Hampshire 3576

Labcorp Bedford


Bedford, New Hampshire 3110

Labcorp Derry


Derry, New Hampshire 3038

Labcorp Dover


Dover, New Hampshire 3820

Labcorp Exeter


Exeter, New Hampshire 3833

Labcorp Portsmouth


Portsmouth, New Hampshire 3801

Labcorp Rochester


Rochester, New Hampshire 3867

Labcorp Salem


Salem, New Hampshire 3079

Labcorp Salem


Salem, New Hampshire 3079

Labcorp Somersworth


Somersworth, New Hampshire 3878

Labcorp Windham


Windham, New Hampshire 3087

Leo M Kenney -North Conway Chiropracti North Conway

3316 White Mountain Hwy

North Conway, New Hampshire 3860

Linwood Med Associates Lincoln

115 Main Street

Lincoln, New Hampshire 3251

Lrg Healthcare Gilford

14 Maple Street

Gilford, New Hampshire 3249

Lrh Occupational Health Littleton

600 Saint Johnsbury Rd

Littleton, New Hampshire 3561

Minor Emergency Care Concord

60 Commercial St

Concord, New Hampshire 3301

Mobile Drug Testing Newmarket

20 Dame Rd

Newmarket, New Hampshire 3857

Monadnock Community Hospital Peterborough

452 Old Street Rd

Peterborough, New Hampshire 3458

New London Hospital Assoc-Dba/ Newport Newport

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Newport, New Hampshire 3773

Occupational Drug Testing, Llc. Manchester

340 Harvey Rd

Manchester, New Hampshire 3103

Occupational Health And Rehab Center Nashua

29 Riverside St Ste A&b

Nashua, New Hampshire 3062

Occupational Health Clinic Exeter

6 Hampton Rd

Exeter, New Hampshire 3833

Occupational Health Services At Alice Lebanon

123 Mascoma St

Lebanon, New Hampshire 3766

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Portsmouth, New Hampshire 3801

Occupational Health&Wellness Managemen Keene

85 Emerald Street

Keene, New Hampshire 3431

Onsite Drug Testing Of New England Concord

2 Industrial Park Dr

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Priority Care/ Valley Regional Hospita Claremont

243 Elm Street

Claremont, New Hampshire 3743

Quest Diagnostics-Concord

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Concord, New Hampshire 3301

Quest Diagnostics-England

Renown House Merchant's Quay

Manchester , New Hampshire M52SS

Quest Diagnostics-Gilford, Nh

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Gilford, New Hampshire 3249

Quest Diagnostics-Keene, Nh Psc

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Keene, New Hampshire 3431

Quest Diagnostics-Main St Salem

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Salem, New Hampshire 3079

Quest Diagnostics-Main Street Nashua

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Nashua, New Hampshire 3060

Quest Diagnostics-Manchester, Nh

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Manchester, New Hampshire 3102

Quest Diagnostics-Portsmouth, Nh

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Portsmouth, New Hampshire 3801

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Salem, New Hampshire 3079

Salem Occupational And Acute Care Salem

13 Red Roof Ln Ste 2

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Somersworth, New Hampshire 3878

Southern New Hampshire Drug Testing;

24 Stickney Terrace, Unit 5

Hampton, New Hampshire 3842

St Joseph Business & Health Nashua

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Manchester, New Hampshire 3104

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Weeks Medical Center Lancaster

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