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Webinar - RISK SHIELD - Order a Compliant Drug Test

Posted: October 3, 2016

Ever worry when ordering a drug test?  Is that type of test legal in the City, State where the donor is taking the test?  Is it legal in the State your company is located?

In some States instant or point of collection testing is prohibited.  In some areas non-DOT random testing may be prohibited or restricted.  We know you are concerned about compliance. Mandatory state laws, state marijuana laws, ADA and OSHA violations, Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment claims are all topics keeping program managers awake at night.  Few companies have the time to keep up with ongoing drug testing industry changes. They need an expert whose sole business is to stay current with these issues.

Introducing the Risk Shield Program - a 3-part program that delivers proactive risk mitigation tools to companies performing drug and alcohol testing.

  • Policy Development Wizard
  • Resource Center for drug & alcohol testing laws
  • Real Time Monitoring program - a cutting-edge auditing program that reviews EVERY drug and alcohol test ordered by an employer.  A color-coded alert system indicates compliant vs. non-compliant orders as well as providing supplemental policy and procedure guidance.

The Risk Shield Program is offered in conjunction with Encompass Compliance Corp – compliance experts for drug and alcohol testing.

The Real Time Monitoring program is an industry first.  Three steps involved:

  1. Place the drug test order
  2. Get Notified of a Compliance Issue
  3. Complete the order receiving policy, procedure and adjudication tips

The risk of non-compliance - in Iowa, (a state with very detailed rules for drug testing) the employer must pay for drug tests.  The company paid out $68,000.00 when a supervisor (found jointly liable) told an applicant to go get a drug test, pay for it and the company would reimburse him.  The applicant did not have the money for the drug test and did not get the job.  However he won the lawsuit. 

Interested? – Attend a 30 minute informational webinar on how this program works: Thursday October 13, 2016 | Time: 4:30pm - Click Here to Register or complete the form below.