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Professional CO-OP Training Program

Posted: April 10, 2014

DOT Collector Training

Earn more revenue with DOT urine collector qualification.

DOT requirements for collector training are listed below at end of the page.

Professional CO-OP Training Program: DOT specimen collection training and proficiency demonstration for DOT qualification.

Training is in three steps:
Step 1: Pre-Training required – self-study reading and video clips
Step 2: Live Training Webinar 1.5 hours
Step 3: Required Proficiency Demonstration:
Completion of five mock collections in front of a trainer qualified to monitor DOT collections, approximately 2 hours per person. Completed via remote computer with video.

Training Options


Cost: $375.00 per person
Optional – $75.00 additional per person for DATIA CPC manual, exam and Certified Professional Collector (CPC) certification.

Once payment and registration is received homework assignments will be sent via e-mail and the client will receive a phone call to schedule the Webinar training and required proficiency demonstration – mock collections.  Once complete you are qualified to perform DOT urine specimen collections. 
 If applicable, DATIA manual will be shipped via UPS. For DATIA CPC certification the final step is the DATIA CPC online exam.  DATIA is the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association –

Please call Joe Reilly at 321 622 2020 for any questions

What are the qualification training and proficiency demonstration requirements for specimen collectors?

Qualification training must include instruction on (1) all steps necessary to complete a collection correctly and the proper completion and transmission of the Custody and Control Form (CCF); (2) problem collections such as shy bladder and attempts to adulterate a specimen; (3) fatal flaws, correctable flaws, and how to correct problems in collections; and (4) the collector’s responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the collection process, ensuring the privacy of employees being tested, ensuring the security of the specimen, and avoiding conduct or statements that could be viewed as offensive or inappropriate.

Proficiency demonstration consists of completing five consecutive error-free mock collections. The five mock collections must include two uneventful collection scenarios, one insufficient quantity of specimen scenario, one temperature out of range scenario, and one scenario where the donor refuses to sign the CCF and initial the specimen bottle tamper evident seal. These mock collections must be monitored and evaluated by a person that meets the DOT requirements to do so (see #3). This person must attest in writing that the mock collections were error-free.

What qualifications must a collector meet to be able to monitor and evaluate a collector’s proficiency demonstration?

This person must have demonstrated the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities by (1) regularly conducting DOT drug test collections for a period of at least one year; (2) conducting collector training under part 40 for at least one year; or (3) successfully completing a “train the trainer” course.