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Captain Robert Alport - Captain School USVI - The Captain's Consortium Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Hey Joe,

Wanted to wish you a happy new year and share with you the result of my 2 year audit on our Coast Guard Drug Testing Consortium that was just conducted by the DAPI from Miami this past week.

So first off, Happy New Year!  Hope you had a nice holiday season.

As for the audit, we have a model program in her words. The most thorough she has ever seen in her 3 years in that role! (Which is surprising) She was quite happy with our practices, methodology and our record keeping.  

I3Screen provided me with the scientific evidence proving their random selection was truly random which she was surprised I had and said she had never seen anyone produce that evidence (again surprising).

She came with one of our local Coast Guard inspectors and I think he learned a lot about what a drug test program should be.  Hopefully that will have a positive effect. 

My hat is off to you as we follow the program that you helped us to put in place. 

To the best of our ability we continue to follow as closely to the regulations as we can and to encourage our customers to do the same.  We have fired a few customers who could not seem to follow the program's simple and clear guidelines and that has been well worth doing. We don't miss these folks.

So again I want to thank you for all the help you gave us getting started and the continued support along the way!

Best regards,

Capt. Robert Alport

Captain School USVI - The Captain's Consortium Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

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