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What are DOT Semi-Annual Statistical Summaries?

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)-certified laboratories must compile and provide an aggregate statistical summary, for each employer on a semi-annual basis. These six-month periods, cover data reported each January through June and each July through December. The summary must be sent to the employer by January 20th and July 20th of each year. Each employer, with five or more aggregate DOT test results, must receive the summary of data listed in Appendix B of 49 CFR Part 40. The employer summary will include all DOT test results reported by the laboratory to the employer for the six-month period. Results reported are lab results and not MRO–verified results.

DOT agencies will request these summaries, if you have not received from the laboratory; just request the report from the laboratory once you receive a request from your DOT agency to provide this report.