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What are detection times for urine and hair drug testing?

For urine specimens detection times will be 2 – 3 days; perhaps a few days longer for marijuana. 

Regarding hair testing, the standard detection time is up to 90 days. A shorter detection window is available with specific request.  You can request the laboratory to segment the hair sample.  Segmentation of hair must be specified on the chain-of-custody form.  For example, if a client wishes to evaluate the last three (3) months for drug use but wants to evaluate each month separately, the following format should be written in the comments section on the chain-of-custody form: (0-30), (31-60), (61-90).  The numbers refer to days in the month.  If there is no timeframe specification reflected on the chain-of-custody for hair testing, the standard cut of 1 ½” is tested as a 90 day test.