What are the Employee Categories for DOT Drug Testing?

Each DOT agency maintains employee categories to designate covered or safety sensitive employees subject to DOT drug and alcohol testing. See the list of covered employee categories below:

  • FMCSA (one category): Driver
  • FAA (nine categories): Flight Crewmember; Flight Attendant; Flight Instructor; Aircraft Dispatcher; Aircraft Maintenance and preventive maintenance; Ground Security Screener; Aviation Screener; Air Traffic Controller; Operations Control Specialist
  • PHMSA (one category): Operation/Maintenance/Emergency Response
  • FRA (seven categories): Engine Service; Train Service; Dispatcher/Operation; Signal Service; Other [Includes yardmasters, hostlers (non-engineer craft), bridge tenders; switch tenders, and other miscellaneous employees performing 49 CFR 228.5 (c) defined covered service.]; Roadway Worker/Maintenance-of-Way [as defined in 49 CFR Part 214.7]; and/or employees performing Mechanical functions (MECH) duties covered by the definition of “Mechanical Employees” in §219.5.
  • USCG (one category): Crewmember
  • FTA (five categories): Revenue Vehicle Operation; Revenue Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance; Revenue Vehicle Control/Dispatch; CDL/Non-Revenue Vehicle; Armed Security Personnel