What are DOT MIS Reports or Management Information System Reports?

Management Information System reports apply to DOT testing only.  The MIS report is submitted on a MIS DATA Collection Form.  There are varying requirements for MIS reporting depending on the mode of transportation the employer is regulated by.  Transportation modes include FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, PHMSA and Coast Guard.  These agencies now prefer the employer to submit the required drug and alcohol testing data via the internet.

MIS Reports – What Are They? The MIS report is statistical data compiled yearly by the company that is based on the company’s drug and alcohol testing.  The data includes the annual number of tests conducted, reasons for testing, information on positive results and what drugs caused the positive results.  The same information is required for the alcohol tests. The report is typically due March 15, for the previous year.  There is no MIS report for a partial year (for example for first six months of year); it is an annual report.  

The majority of DOT employers are regulated by FMCSA.  Only those employers selected by FMCSA for the reporting requirement are mandated to provide the report.   When selected, the employer must submit the annual summary online at http://damis.dot.gov or use a hard copy form (MIS DATA Collection).

For FAA companies some are required to submit reports annually and some are randomly to submit MIS reports.  Companies with 50 or more safety‐sensitive employees that conduct FAA drug and alcohol testing and all Part 121 certificate holders are required to submit the Management Information System (MIS) report in accordance with the regulations found at 14 CFR Part 121, Appendices I and J.  Other FAA regulated companies or those companies with Program Registrations with the FAA Drug Abatement division will receive a notification is selected for the requirement to submit the annual MIS report.

 If you have questions on MIS reporting for PHMSA, FRA, FTA or Coast Guard regulations for MIS reporting, please contact visit the specific agency link located at US DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form

Note: There is no such thing as a consortium MIS Report, these reports are unique to one employer and it is an employer responsibility to submit this report when notified of the requirement.

National Drug Screening can provide MIS reports for clients when we manage the entire drug and alcohol testing process.  If we do not manage both the drug and alcohol tests, we will not have complete information to produce an accurate MIS report.  We can always provide the data we have which can be inserted into the MIS Data Collection Form.  Our policy is to provide MIS reports and/or the data needed for the reports at the time of request.  We do not automatically send out the reports each year as the majority of employers we deal with are not requested to provide a report.