Do you offer DOT Supervisor Training?

DOT Supervisor Training Solutions

”A Supervisor’s Guide to Reasonable Suspicion Training” is a two-hour, on-line web course that discusses the testing process, signs & symptoms of drug use, confrontation procedures, referral for reasonable suspicion drug testing and much more.  Also available, live in person training or live webinar training.

Available for DOT and NON-DOT

Drug Free Workplace: A Supervisor’s Guide to Reasonable Suspicion Testing – Online Training.  In addition to the information on the signs and symptoms of the five most commonly abused drugs – marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates & PCP – and alcohol, the course covers Club Drugs and inhalants which are growing workplace problems.  Also covered is a step-by-step confrontation process, information on the reasons for testing, refusal to test, a chart of drug and alcohol retention times in the body and a list of community help lines.  PDF files providing more detailed information on drugs and other pertinent topics are accessible with a mouse click.  A Certificate of Completion with the course and the individual’s name can be printed as required/desired.  An 85 page supplemental manual is provided free.

For Computer Based training easily add your policy, procedures and contacts to each course.

For live training specific company policy issues can be incorporated into the training and discussed.