Drug Testing in Jacksonville

Whether Jacksonville, Florida or Jacksonville, North Carolina – National Drug Screening operates drug test centers in all parts of Florida and North Carolina. Employers and individuals can order a drug test with one quick phone call. Our service for drug tests is fast with the quickest turn-around time in the industry.

Drug Test Centers Open Daily

Our drug test centers in Jacksonville, North Carolina are open daily. Drug testing for child custody cases, divorce, and probation are common. If you just need a drug test to find out if you are positive, just call 866-843-4545. Common drug testing includes hair testing or hair follicle testing in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Alcohol testing with EtG is also available. DOT drug testing is available for trucking companies and for owner-operators. Consortium random drug testing programs are available with the best prices in the industry. In North Carolina, an employer must report a positive drug or alcohol test on a CDL driver to the State Bureau of motor vehicles. The driver’s CDL is then suspended until the driver or the employer provides proof of successful completion of the SAP assessment and treatment/rehabilitation process.

For any assistance with drug testing, drug tests, alcohol tests, hair tests, or EtG testing in Jacksonville, call today 866-843-4545. Our drug test centers are open daily and online ordering available for drug tests, Click Here.