Workplace Drug Testing: Pros And Cons

A five-panel drug test examines one’s urine for traces of five distinct drug varieties. Those substances include cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, THC, and opiates. A medical doctor interprets the results and reports back to the company. Many businesses choose to use the 5-panel drug test as a prerequisite to an employment offer.

Bosses even have the right to ask employees to undergo random testing occasionally. Of course, that should all be laid out in the company’s drug testing policy, though. These exams track drug use back for 2 to 3-days before the date of the test. If persons wish to obtain a lengthier study, they might want to consider hair follicle testing. It is able to provide results for up to 90-days prior.

Why Is Creating A Drug-Free Workplace So Vital?

Drugs can impact a person’s mood, performance, judgment, and capabilities. He or she could become extremely irritated and start an argument or fight. They might be a little too laid back and fall asleep at their desks time and time again as well. Not to mention, when a worker has a euphoric high, they put themselves and their co-workers in danger. After all, a workplace accident can happen at any time, but, perhaps even more so when an individual is inebriated. This small sample size shows only a few of the reasons why it is crucial to create a drug-free environment, but it is enough to reveal the importance of the venture.

Not Everything Is Sunshine And Rainbows With Workplace Drug Testing

There are some cons associated with workplace drug testing too. Some workers will probably feel as if the situation violates their privacy. They believe what they do on their own time is nobody’s business. In other words, the plan could backfire and cause employees to become disgruntled. Then, instead of putting their best efforts forward, persons might only haphazardly approach projects. In turn, the organization may have to let the unhappy souls go.

Should that occur, the company will have to hire new recruits and train them, which can be a strain financially. If the business fails to take any action and keeps the troubled workers on, sales and profits could decrease. After all, customers aren’t going to want to pay for unfinished work. So, before jumping into workplace drug testing headfirst, be sure to weigh all of the pros and cons to ensure the practice is right for your company. Always emphasize to employees that the drug-free workplace and drug testing is all about safety and productivity. No one wants to be working next to a coworker that is using drugs.

Workplace Drug Testing: Pros And Cons
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