Working Under The Influence Of Alcohol Can Be A Big Problem Everywhere, Including Right Here In Louisiana

Working Under The Influence Of Alcohol Can Be A Big Problem Everywhere, Including Right Here In Louisiana

Last updated on October 2nd, 2020 at 04:55 pm

Alcohol is a substance that slows down messages from the brain to the body. According to an article published on alcoholthinkagain.com, beverages such as beer, vodka, whiskey, and more, affect one’s problem-solving skills, concentration, reaction times, coordination, and judgment. In other words, people that are drinking on the job can pose a danger to themselves, their co-workers, managers, and even the business owner. Alcohol and the workplace often equal…

  • Accidents
  • Arguments And Conflicts That Lead To Violence
  • Injuries
  • Sexual Harassment

It is not against the law for workers to consume alcoholic beverages in their own free time. However, if they come into the workplace still buzzed from the night before, company policies are probably being broken. Additionally, if they have a flask and are taking a swig here or there just to make it through the workday, that action is not okay either. If operations take place in a warehouse, things can get out of control in a hurry when an impaired person attempts to operate a forklift, motorized pallet jack, or scissor lift.

The same can be said if the individual drinks while driving a company vehicle. Perhaps, they make deliveries throughout the day, or maybe, he or she works for a service organization and has to drive from one residence or business to the next hour after hour. Whatever your workers are doing, make sure they are not breaking the rules with an alcohol urine test or breath alcohol test.

Reasons Why An Alcohol Urine Test Might Not Be The Right Choice

Yes, an alcohol urine test can detect ethanol in one’s system. In fact, it can identify the substance for periods of between several hours up to 24-hours. However, the outcomes can also be false positives for employees with particular medical conditions. Thus, the exam might not give you adequate results. Moreover, these tests do not measure one’s current consumption or impairment. You may detect alcohol in an employee’s system that merely had a glass of wine with dinner the night before.

Protect Your Pelican State Business With Breath Alcohol Tests

With all that being said in the above passage, Louisiana business owners need better, more efficient ways to tell if workers are inebriated on the job. A breath alcohol test can help proprietors do just that by looking for impairment in both DOT and Non-DOT settings. If 0.02 levels are present, this shows that recent consumption has taken place. Meanwhile, readings of 0.04 or higher reveal impairment. So, don’t leave things in the hands of fate when your livelihood is at stake. Instead, utilize breath alcohol tests to ensure that your employees are not intoxicated at work.