Video Blog – Training for Supervisors – Reasonable Suspicion

 Operating as a drug free workplace program, an employer should have a policy, supervisor training, employee education, employee assistance and drug testing.  Supervisor training is required in many cases for DOT drug and alcohol testing programs and for many State drug free workplace training.

All DOT drug and alcohol testing programs require supervisor training for reasonable suspicion determination.  Those who are required to be trained are the supervisors who supervise employees in transportation related safety-sensitive positions. A two-hour training is required, and it is required at least once but recommended to be reoccurring perhaps every other year or so. 

When an employee at work is showing signs or symptoms for potential drug use or alcohol use, the supervisor must take immediate action. This is an important safety issue. The training is designed to help the supervisor make the observations, confront the employee, and require a drug and alcohol test. 

How Do We Deliver Supervisor Training?

  • Live training is available on demand, call 321-622-2020
  • Live webinar training is scheduled 2 to 3 times per year
  • Remote computer based training available 24/7

What Does the Reasonable Suspicion Training Cover?

  1. Understanding the company drug free workplace policy
  2. Understanding the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol in the workplace
  3. Understanding the laws and regulations that apply
  4. Understanding how to make reasonable suspicion determinations

Reasonable suspicion determinations are made based on an employee showing signs and symptoms of possibly being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The observation is made by the supervisor and is based on what the supervisor sees, hears, or smells.

  • So, you smell marijuana – this is reasonable suspicion
  • So, you find beer bottles in the company truck, this is reasonable suspicion
  • So, you see your employee staggering down the hallway, this is reasonable suspicion
  • So, you hear your employee belligerent and slurring his or her words, this is reasonable suspicion

The supervisor must take action, safety is the issue.  The employee who might perhaps be impaired must be removed from performing safety sensitive duties. Learn more about the details of our training programs for supervisors to learn to make reasonable suspicion determinations for drug testing.

There are plenty of options for reasonable suspicion training for supervisors. Now is the time to be sure your drug free workplace is in compliance with required Supervisor Training – Reasonable Suspicion.

Many of the bundled DOT drug and alcohol testing packages provided by National Drug Screening come with the Reasonable Suspicion training included. Check out these packages for complete DOT compliance.

Video Blog - Training for Supervisors – Reasonable Suspicion
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