VIDEO BLOG: Rapid Drug Testing for Immediate Results

VIDEO BLOG: Rapid Drug Testing for Immediate Results

Last updated on October 2nd, 2020 at 10:01 am

Here is yet another blog about our video series which does a great job answering some of the questions you might have about our industry. This video looks at Rapid Drug Testing and the many benefits that come along with it. Not only is it a quick way to go about the process, but the results are very accurate and convenient to access. Here is what you need to know about Immediate Testing»

Rapid Drug Testing Is Also Known As….

  • Instant Drug Screening

  • Point of Collection Drug Screening

  • Immediate Drug Screening

Why Is It Beneficial?
Rapid Drug Testing is great for employers because it expedites the hiring process. If you’re a DOT employer and you need a driver to move product, you won’t have to wait to get them on the road with this method. The technology is available to us to get results within seconds, if they are in fact negative, which about 94% of drug tests are.

What Happens If It Is Positive?
This is where the instant part goes away. As is the case with all positive results, we have to submit the specimen for confirmatory testing before we can give the results back to an employer. The specimen will be shipped to a Medical Review Officer for confirmation and if the result holds, that information will be relayed to the employer.

The NexScreen Product
Here at National Drug Screening, we use the NexScreen testing product to provide us with instant and reliable results. A person will produce a urine sample in the NexScreen product and it will automatically reveal if that specimen is negative. Boom- just like that. But if the specimen is positive, it will be entered into the Electronic Chain of Custody and shipped off to an MRO for review.

If you need a drug test today, look no further – National Drug Screening can help you with one phone call. We can schedule your drug test in one of our local drug testing centers just minutes from where you live or work. An easy process which is quick and affordable. Our professional team of drug test consultants are available to assist you today by calling 1-866-843-4545!