[Video Blog] Partner Spotlight

[Video Blog] Partner Spotlight

Last updated on October 2nd, 2020 at 09:58 am

National Drug Screening (NDS) has partner customers throughout the United States.  Our unique Partner Program provides expert consultation and high quality robust back office services for efficient management and delivery of highly effective drug testing programs.

We were so happy to welcome Jonathan Baktari MD to our offices in Melbourne, Florida.  Dr Baktari is President and CEO of two of our most valued partner customers.  US Drug Test Centers is a nationwide provider of drug & alcohol testing services.  E7 Health provides a complete employee health solution along with travel medicine and vaccine services to individuals.

US Drug Test Centers offers nationwide immediate service for both employers and individuals.  The major focus is technology and automation of all parts of the employer or individual experience in setting up drug testing.

E7 Health is a preventative health and wellness company, specializing in 7 areas of health: Travel Medicine, Student Health, Corporate Health Services, Drug Testing, STD Testing, Physicals & Labs and Vaccines.  Currently e7 health has locations in Las Vegas and Chicago.  E-7 is looking to expand and open offices across the United States, contact Dr Baktari for potential business opportunities; perhaps open an e7 Health location in your local area.

In the accompanying video, Joe Reilly President of National Drug Screening and Joe Reilly & Associates interviews Jonathan Baktari MD in the new media room at the new offices of National Drug Screening.  Reilly and his team at National Drug Screening were honored to have Dr Baktari visit Melbourne, FL for the grand opening celebration of drug screening centers, nation wide drug centers, national drug testingthe new NDS office.