[Video Blog] ETG Urine and Hair Alcohol Testing Overview

[Video Blog] ETG Urine and Hair Alcohol Testing Overview

Last updated on October 2nd, 2020 at 05:07 pm

What is EtG?

Ethyl glucuronide, commonly known as EtG, is a metabolite of alcohol. It can be detected in urine and hair samples, indicating that alcohol was consumed. Unlike a breathalyzer test, which detects and measures intoxication, the effects of alcohol on the body, an EtG test, whether urine or hair, detects the consumption of alcohol.

The presence of EtG in urine or hair suggests that alcohol was consumed. The “lookback” period for urine testing is 80 hours, while hair samples can detect alcohol consumption as long as 90 days before the test. Put simply, if you take an EtG urine test for alcohol consumption, the test will indicate if you’ve consumed alcohol in the past 80 hours. If you submit a hair specimen for an EtG hair test, the results will show if you’ve consumed alcohol in the past three months.

When is EtG testing used?

So, when is EtG testing used? The primary reason an EtG test would be ordered is to monitor and verify abstinence from alcohol. People may be ordered to abstain from consuming alcohol for court-ordered reasons like probation, child custody cases, driving under the influence cases, or driving while intoxicated cases. Regardless of the reason, these are conditions where an individual is absolutely prohibited from consuming alcohol in any form.

Individuals often order EtG urine tests in the case of court-ordered drug and alcohol testing; frequently someone will order a 5-panel or 10-panel drug screening with EtG added on.

EtG hair tests are often ordered by attorneys who are looking to establish information about a person’s lifestyle. Since hair specimens will show alcohol consumption over the past 90 days, there is substantial opportunity to highlight a person’s behavior as it relates to alcohol consumption.

EtG urine and hair testing is available in all of our US drug test centers

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