Video Blog – Benefits Of Random Drug Testing In The Workplace

Drug abuse is unhealthy. It can diminish workers’ ability to cooperate and work well. It can reduce long-term productivity and profits. It can reduce quality of life, both in the workplace and elsewhere, for those who are using illicit drugs or using alcohol in an unhealthy manner.

Why Random Drug Testing?

It is a deterrent to employee drug use.  It is an identifier of substance abusers in your workplace.  Random drug testing can help prevent accidents in the workplace. Random drug testing can save you money with productivity, less absenteeism, less theft in the workplace and motivated employees.

Why would your company want to implement a Drug Free Workplace?

• To comply with laws, regulations contractual requirements
• To qualify for insurance discounts, rebates, and other incentives
• To prevent associated problems (e.g., absenteeism, accidents, injuries, productivity loss)
• To respond to an incident or pattern of substance abuse
• To express support for the majority of employees who do not abuse alcohol or other drugs
• To invest in worker health, safety, and productivity

For many employers, one serious accident, one major financial problem, one breach of confidentiality or one troubled employee can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and even jeopardize a company’s financial future.

Your business can implement the key components of a drug-free workplace program easily with a turnkey program offered by National Drug Screening. Your customized drug free workplace will consist of:

1) A written policy
2) Employee education
3) Supervisor training
4) An employee assistance program (EAP)
5) Drug testing

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Video Blog - Benefits Of Random Drug Testing In The Workplace
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