Training for Drug Testing Programs

National Drug Screening offers training programs for compliance with drug and alcohol testing programs including DOT programs and non-DOT programs.

Custom training is available along with live on site training, webinars and computer based training. 

All computer based online remote training programs available at: 

Live webinar training programs are listed here – Live Webinars.

Call 321-622-2020 for any custom training for drug testing and/or drug free workplace.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Training Programs:

  • Employee education on harmful effects of drugs
  • Supervisor training for DOT for signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol use and reasonable suspicion drug testing
  • DER training, the DER or Designated Employer Representative is responsible for the DOT drug and alcohol testing program, training for this job is crucial to compliance.
  • Breath Alcohol Testing – training for breath alcohol technicians and evidential breath testing devices
  • DOT urine specimen collector training for qualification and proficiency demonstration
  • Mock collections to document proficiency demonstration for DOT urine specimen collector training

Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Training Programs:

  • Specimen collection training for collections of all specimen types: urine, hair, oral fluid, fingernails and DNA Paternity
  • Employee education for drug free workplace
  • Supervisor training for drug free workplace, signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol use and reasonable suspicion training.
  • Drug Free Workplace Training for qualifying with State workers comp discounts for:
    • Florida Drug Free Workplace Program
    • Alabama Drug Free Workplace Program
    • Arkansas Drug Free Workplace Program
    • Georgia Drug Free Workplace Program
    • Idaho Drug Free Workplace Program
    • Mississippi Drug Free Workplace Program
    • South Carolina Ohio Drug Free Workplace Program
    • Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program
    • Virginia Drug Free Workplace Program
    • Washington Drug Free Workplace Program
    • New York Drug Free Workplace Program

National Drug Screening and our affiliated companies also offer drug testing business start-up training.  If you are looking to get into the drug testing business we offer a free no obligation 30 minute consultation with national drug free workplace expert – Joe Reilly.  Call today for your consultation to discuss options for your new drug testing business.

Call Joe Reilly at 321-622-2020.

Training for Drug Testing Programs
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