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Are you looking to be a DOT Consortium?

At National Drug Screening, we get many requests for information from folks starting up a drug testing business or from existing drug testing businesses needing software and MRO services. These existing businesses are commonly called Third Party Administrators (TPA) or Consortium/Third Party Administrators (C/TPA). These requests also come from background screening companies.

In this blog article, we will cover:

Videos to Review for TPA and MRO Services

We have created several videos to help our prospects understand more about our Reseller Program, MRO Services and drug testing software. The Reseller Program is a combination of lab services, Medical Review Officer Services (MRO), software and back-office services from National Drug Screening.

What is a TPA?

The TPA or C/TPA is a business entity that assists employers with the drug and alcohol testing process.  A Third-Party Administrator or Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA) works with employers to coordinate all aspects of employment drug testing including random testing pools and consortium random testing pools. Check out the variety of drug testing related services that the TPA may provide for employers

What is an MRO?

The MRO or Medical Review Officer is a licensed physician that reviews and verifies drug test results that come from the laboratory. As a gatekeeper in the employment drug testing process the MRO is an advocate for the accuracy and fairness of a drug test result. The MRO reviews all drug test results and pays special attention to any positive drug test or in fact any non-negative drug test.

On positive drug tests, the MRO will call every donor to discuss their positive results. It is the MRO and not any other party that deals with a donor taking a drug test while taking prescribed medications. There is never a need for an applicant or employee to notify the employer, collector or lab of a prescribed drug that could affect the outcome of the drug test; the donor should only discuss with the Medical Review Officer.

National Drug Screening offers a robust MRO service with six full time Medical Review Officers. Our turnaround time for delivering drug test results is the best in the industry due to our electronic connections with the laboratories and our employer clients. Our MRO web portal can be accessed to receive drug test status updates and completed drug test result.

What is Drug Testing Software?

Anyone selling drug testing and managing drug testing programs for employers will need a software application to help with the many processes involved. At National Drug Screening we offer drug testing software and a robust web portal for employers and for our Resellers and TPA’s.

Our drug testing software streamlines the electronic ordering of drug testing (ECCF), drug testing status updates, complete MRO verified results and management of random testing pools and consortium program.

What is an NDS Reseller?

Under the direction of drug testing industry veteran Joe Reilly, National Drug Screening provides services to others selling drug testing – Mobile Collectors, Background Screening companies and TPA’s (C/TPA’s). This program provides back-office service to help our Reseller grow their businesses. The Reseller Program provides consultative support and combines the services of laboratory testing, MRO review and reporting and also the drug testing software.

Our web portal allows our Reseller clients to manage random drug testing programs and consortiums. A huge feature is the availability to electronically order drug tests anywhere in the USA with a network of 6000 + collection sites. Unlimited training and a custom client support portal are available exclusively to our Resellers. For those starting a drug testing business, this is the perfect opportunity to get up and running without a lot of trial and error.

Drug Testing Software Demo

Do you want to learn more about our Reseller Program and drug testing software services? We have available a comprehensive Demo of our system available to you – Drug Testing Software Demo
Value Added Perks and Benefits for NDS Resellers

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