Top 10 Most Common FMCSA DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Violations

Here are the Top 10 most common violations of DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing regulations along with the related regulation. If you are not sure if your program or your current service providers are compliant, contact us to review your program. National Drug Screening provides compliant drug & alcohol testing services and program management for all DOT modes including

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and also for United States Coast Guard (USCG).

Top 10 Most Common Violations:

  1. Failing to Implement a drug/alcohol testing program 382.115(a)
  2. Using a driver before receiving a pre-employment drug test result 382.301(a)
  3. Failing to conduct post-accident alcohol or drug test 382.303
  4. Failing to do random drug tests at applicable annual rate 382.305(b)(2)
  5. Driver performing safety-sensitive function without follow-up 382.503
  6. Using a driver who refused to take drug/alcohol test 382.211
  7. Using a driver with a .04 alcohol level 382.201
  8. Failing to implement a random controlled substance or alcohol testing program 382.305
  9. Failing to do random alcohol tests at the applicable annual rate 382.305(b)(1)
  10. Using a driver who has tested positive for a drug 382.215

If you have committed any of these violations or are concerned that you may have, then you should take action now to correct the issue and implement policies and procedures to ensure it does not happen in the future. It is also essential to document when the violations were discovered and that you have both corrected the violation and taken steps to prevent it from reoccurring. Do you still have questions or need assistance? Contact our team as we are happy to answer your questions and assist you in better managing your program.

Top 10 Most Common FMCSA DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Violations
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