The Negative Dilute Drug Test Result

The Negative Dilute Drug Test Result

Last updated on October 6th, 2020 at 01:33 pm

Many times employers get back a negative dilute drug test result and are often confused.

What does it mean that the specimen is negative dilute?

When the lab reports a specimen as dilute, there are certain levels of creatinine and specific gravity that determine that the specimen may be dilute.

This basically means that the donor consumed a larger quantity of water before providing the urine specimen. This may be normal as many folks drink a lot of water for health reasons or because of a fear of not being able to urinate at the time of the drug test specimen collection.

This may be abnormal as perhaps the donor is drinking an excessive quantity of water in an attempt to cheat on the drug test. So there is a little bit of “gray” area concerning specimens that are reported as dilute.

First and foremost, if the report from your Medical Review Officer is Positive Dilute, the result is Positive and the company should follow policy for the Positive result. The indication that the specimen was dilute may be interesting, but it is not relevant to the handling of the positive test result.

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