The Main Components Of A Good Workplace Drug Policy In California

California is one of the first states to go legal when it comes to marijuana, and recreational marijuana is making a huge impact on the economy, medical community, and society within the state. But while that’s fine for those who are fans of using marijuana, what about those who are trying to maintain a safe working environment at their workplace?

The good news is that the use of California drug testing facilities is still completely legal for employers and something that is well worth focusing on for anyone who is trying to keep a drug free workplace. But just what does that mean for employers?

First, there are a few basic things to understand here.

• While states can legalize marijuana, it is still illegal at the federal level. As a result, many courts end up siding with employers on their drug policies. In short, federal law means that you have more rights than you might think.

• San Francisco and Berkley restrict the use of drug testing in California, making it much harder for employers to drug test.

• The exception here is in cases where safety is impacted by public safety – if an employee works in a profession in which impairment from marijuana could threaten the safety of coworkers, random testing is allowed.

• Employees aren’t allowed to be high while on the job, and the use of drug testing facilities allows for better control of this and management of drugs in the workplace.

• In the case of injuries, drug testing is used to determine if a drug played a role in the accident and the injuries.

In short, you’ll need to consider your workplace and the rights of your employees under California law as well as the way that your drug policy is worded to ensure that you have the right results. Here are the main components of a workplace drug policy:

• A clearly written, easy to understand drug policy and drug testing policy.
• Education to employees that breaks down their own rights and what is expected of them
• Resources for those who are suffering from drug abuse issues so they can get help
• The use of drug testing facilities to identify drug users

Remember that drug testing doesn’t just look for marijuana use. It may also test for additional drugs that can impair performance, judgment, and safety in the workplace. With the right drug testing policy you’ll be able to develop a safer workplace for everyone on your team.

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The Main Components Of A Good Workplace Drug Policy In California
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