Preparing for your transition to eCCF for DOT

ECCF is the electronic version of the traditional five part paper custody and control form. This is the document used for drug test collections. ECCF is already available for non-DOT or non-regulated testing. On April 13, 2015, the US Department of Transportation published a final rule allowing employers, collectors, laboratories and medical review officer’s to use the eCCF for their regulated drug testing programs. With eCCF, all relevant information is captured and transmitted electronically eliminating the need to scan or fax paper CCF copies. ECCF will significantly improve the overall efficiency of the DOT drug testing process.

Some benefits include:

  1. Less paperwork to manage by reducing the time needed to locate paper CCF’s.
  2. Saving time with faster results.
  3. Receive status updates throughout the collection and testing process for all online orders.
  4. Decreased data entry and legibility issues associated with handwritten information.
  5. Reduction in collection site flaws because an online wizard will guide the collector to follow the proper protocol which will prevent issues like a missing signature or mismatched specimen IDs.
  6. Less outdated information.
  7. Data from the eCCF will immediately update demographics like address and phone number for all clients and MRO‘s.
  8. A secure online system that is continuously monitored and regularly audited by both internal and external auditors.
  9. Reduced cost associated with CCF shipping, CCF inventory management and test status calls.
  10. Reduced time to complete testing due to not having to mail out forms.

One significant change with eCCF is that you will only need one identifying number, the specimen ID , for all drug testing forms, images, reports and invoices. In the past several numbers and barcodes such as the requisition number and document ID appeared on a CCF for specimen identification at the laboratory, tracking, results reporting and invoicing. Those numbers will now become less important as once eCCF are in place the specimen ID will be the only number that you need. This is the multi-digit identifier that will be the common thread for all associated records for eCCF drugs test. The specimen ID will always be on both the drug test specimen seal and on the top left corner of the eCCF simplifying the tracking of a drug testing specimen and its related files from the online order to the final invoice.

Employers and their service agents can begin using eCCF only when the laboratory has been approved by the department of health and human services national laboratory certification program. Quest diagnostics is taking all the necessary steps to prepare for certification. They have submitted documentation and are readying our laboratory for inspection. All four of their drug testing laboratories must pass inspection prior to quest diagnostics being eCCF certified. They are installing barcode scanners and signature pads at our drug testing sites. And, training their collectors to complete eCCF collections. They are updating their technology, testing or systems and electronic data interfaces to exchange egg data with medical review officers and clients.

At National Drug Screening, we want to also make sure that you are considering all of the components that are important for your organization to have the most effective and simple to manage the system for drug testing. For example, do you understand the advantages of eCCF and want to use an online process for your drug testing chain of command forms? Is your drug testing laboratory approved for eCCF drug testing? Quest anticipates approval for DOT eCCF in 2016. Are the collection sites that you send your donors to eCCF-enabled? Are those collectors trained to complete eCCF drug test collections? Is your medical review officer prepared to review results for specimens collected using eCCF? Are your internal IT systems coded and tested to exchange data? We are committed to delivering a high-quality experience for you as you adopt in transition and to this new era of drug testing technology.

If you have questions about using eCCF, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss how you and your organization can improve and simplify your current drug testing program.

Preparing for your transition to eCCF for DOT
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