POCT Drug Test

For non-regulated or non-DOT drug testing, rapid drug screenings or quick screens have become very popular. These are often called rapid testing, instant testing, quick testing, or Point of Collection Testing (POCT). Testing may be less expensive than traditional lab testing. To order a POCT, instant or rapid drug test, call 866-843-4545 or Order Online.

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What is a POCT Drug Test?


A POCT drug test is a rapid drug testing device using urine as a specimen. Negative results are available in about five minutes. POCT stands for point of collection testing.

POCT drug testing uses a rapid or quick screen device for testing urine with enzyme multiplied immunoassay technology (EMIT). With this testing technology there is a reaction between an antigen and an antibody that will provide a negative or non-negative result for a class of drugs. If negative the testing is complete with the negative results. If the results are not negative, the specimen should be sent to a testing laboratory for confirmation testing to confirm the exact metabolite of a drug that is present in the specimen and therefore the test is positive. POCT testing requires a subjective assessment of the result (e.g., the tester must decide if the test is negative or non-negative based on visual clues). Ann electronic reader device could also be used to read the instant or rapid result.

Instant testing devices can be a drug testing cup, strip, cassette, cartridge or dip card. The drug testing cup is traditionally the easiest device to use, particularly for workplace drug testing. A dip card or cassette product might be best for testing only one or two drugs.


What Drugs are Included in a POCT Drug Test?


There are hundreds of instant or rapid drug testing devices and usually one drug testing cup can test for up to 14 drugs, this would be a 14-panel drug test. The 5-panel and 10-panel are also popular. The drugs we see often on the drug test device up to 14 panel include:

Where is POCT Testing Performed?


POCT, rapid or instant drug testing can be performed at any place where a urine specimen can be obtained. This can be at the employer place of business with an employer representative administering the testing. This can significantly reduce the cost of employer drug testing because an employer representative does the specimen collection eliminating that cost. POCT testing is often performed at job fairs or construction sites.

Traditional clinics that perform drug testing can also perform POCT, rapid or instant drug testing. Arrangements must be made in advance so that the testing needed is stocked at the facility. It is not common that traditional clinics for drug testing stock up on rapid drug screening devices.

National Drug Screening (NDS) works with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp for instant testing at Quest or Labcorp facilities called Patient Service Centers (PSC). Additionally, many e-screen third- party clinics are available. NDS offers hundreds of facilities throughout the United States to be available for an instant or POCT test. Call 866-843-4545 to schedule your rapid drug test or order a drug test online.

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