NDS Drug Free Workplace Sticker Contest

Melbourne, FL – February 4, 2016 — The wait is finally over! The winners of the NDS “Drug Free Workplace Sticker Contest” have been selected and each will receive a $100 VISA Gift card courtesy of National Drug Screening.

Companies that have a drug free workplace were invited to place a NDS Drug Free workplace sticker on their company vehicle or office window to display to the public that they are a drug free workplace and send in a picture of it. We thank all those who sent in photos and entered the contest!

And the winners are… “Granite Express” in Hialeah, FL and “Mule For Hire” in Ellsinore, MO. Congratulations on being the winners of the 2016 National Drug Screening “Drug Free workplace Sticker Contest”.

Having a drug-free workplace (DFW) has many benefits to employees, employers, and the public in general. Companies who have implemented and enforced a DFW Policy have reported a reduction in on the job accidents, absenteeism, turnover, and theft. Some states also offer Workers Compensation Premium Discounts to companies that implement a DFW program.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, alcohol and drug abuse has been estimated to cost American businesses roughly 81 billion dollars in lost productivity in just one year, 37 billion due to premature death and 44 billion due to illness. Having employees that are not under the influence of or addicted to drugs or alcohol leads to a safer work environment and improved safety for the public in general.

Other benefits are less quantifiable but just as important, such as improved workplace environment, better employee morale and increased customer satisfaction.

Just remember that drug & alcohol users and abusers will likely not apply to work for companies that do have a DFW policy and testing in place because they know that employment depends on passing a drug test and possibly being randomly tested. Don’t have a DFW Policy yet? Guess who may be applying to work for you!

Again congratulations to “Granite Express” in Hialeah, FL and “Mule For Hire” in Ellsinore, MO as winners of the NDS Sticker Contest and thanks to all the drug free workplace companies that submitted entries.

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National Drug Screening (NDS) assists employers in reducing liability, improving safety, and attracting and retaining better employees by providing drug testing services, supervisor training, DFW policy development, and other employer resources. In addition to testing for employers and individuals, NDS provides MRO services, software, and training to assist other drug testing service providers. For more information, contact Tom Fulmer, Business Development Manager, at 866.843.4545 x107.

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NDS Drug Free Workplace Sticker Contest
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