National Drug Screening is Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

Did you know – National Drug Screening is one of 44 firms in the nation to be Nationally Accredited for the Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs; accreditation issued by DATIA – the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association.

The goal of the Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs (NAADATP) program is to have a national standard for companies in our industry to ensure there are specific standard operating procedures, safeguards, knowledge and professional practices that keep our clients in compliance with federal drug and alcohol testing regulations.

This important accreditation by DATIA makes National Drug Screening the obvious choice for all of your drug screening/testing needs:

1. You can rest assured that we meet the nationally accepted standards for the drug and alcohol testing industry. And as policies and procedures change (as per the DATIA), we change with them.

2. As a leader in our field, we have a commitment to our public to show our success and ability to perform and set standards.

3. National Drug Screening – and our personnel – have the skills and knowledge required to provide alcohol and drug testing services in our clients’ best interests in accordance with all applicable regulations. 

For more information on the NAADATP please visit the DATIA website, here.

A full-service drug and alcohol testing company, National Drug Screening (NDS) also provides Medical Review Officer (MRO) services and web based drug testing software. Drug Testing Centers are open daily and are available for individuals, court ordered programs, and required testing for colleges and universities.

NDS Receives NAADATP Accreditation

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