National Drug Screening announces merger with LGS Drug Testing (LGS)

Joe Reilly, President of National Drug Screening announces merger with LGS Drug Testing (LGS) located in Upland, California.
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We welcome Lori to our team and welcome the LGS clients we have served behind the scenes for many years. I can assure the LGS clients that NDS will provide excellent customer service.” — Joe Reilly

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 9, 2020 / — Joe Reilly, President of National Drug Screening is happy to announce a merger with LGS Drug Testing (LGS) located in Upland, California. LGS Drug Testing has for 24 years provided expert and professional services for clients to keep in compliance with regulated drug testing requirements. LGS specialized in working with trucking and transportation related industries and managing compliance programs for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the California Public Utilities (PUC), Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing (CSAT) and the California Rotation Tow Program for Tow Truck companies. These programs are all designed for the safety of the drivers, passengers and the general public.

National Drug Screening (NDS) has assisted LGS Drug Testing and their clients for many years providing by back office services including laboratory testing, medical review officer (MRO) services and a robust software platform with a web portal for management of the drug testing program. Both National Drug Screening and LGS Drug Testing work with certified Medical Review Officers (MRO) and national SAMHSA certified laboratories including LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics and Medtox.

Clients of LGS Drug Testing will continue to receive the same great service and affordable pricing they have received for many years from LGS Drug Testing. Lori Lal, founder and president of LGS Drug Testing, stated “I look forward to a seamless transition and am very confident that the team at National Drug Screening will take great care of the LGS clients. I just spent a lovely week at the NDS corporate offices in Melbourne Florida and I was extremely impressed with the operation, knowledge, team spirit and dedication to great customer service. As I have always thought, the team at NDS are truly the experts in the field of workplace drug testing industry.”

Joe Reilly, President of National Drug Screening stated “We welcome Lori to our team and we welcome the LGS clients whom we have served from behind the scenes for many years. I can assure LGS current and future clients that National Drug Screening will provide the best possible compliant services for drug & alcohol testing. We also look forward to increasing our market share for drug testing in the huge California transportation industry. Lori Lal and I are happy to answer any questions regarding this merger.”

The merger became official as of March 2, 2020 as the National Drug Screening Team took over the direct serving of LGS customers. LGS customers can expect a seamless transition and will now have access to the NDS USA based customer support team. For questions or media inquiries, please contact Tom Fulmer, VP of Business Development at National Drug Screening at 321-622-2040.

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National Drug Screening announces merger with LGS Drug Testing (LGS)
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