National Drug Screening Announces Formation of Charitable Giving Team

At NDS, the entire company banded together to make a positive difference in people’s lives by supporting organizations that help our local community.

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2019 — During the holidays it’s not always easy for some parents to provide gifts for their children because they are struggling to just to put food on the table, or if you’re elderly you’re having to worry about medication and food instead of other items. The elderly cannot always take care of themselves and have no choice but to rely on strangers with huge hearts to take care of them. Recognizing this, National Drug Screening (NDS) employees and management team came up with a plan to help and formed a charitable giving team.

Shannon Kikendall, charitable giving team coordinator, said “Being a part of the National Drug Screening, Inc is not just about its employees. It’s about coming together as a team and gathering ways to give back to our community. At National Drug Screening Inc, we strive to instill team work in everything we do as a company. This Holiday season I had the privilege of identifying two organizations within Brevard County that we could help in 2019, “Elves for Elders” and “The Salvation Army Angel Tree”.”

The NDS charitable giving team began in early December of 2019 and was able to provide support for these these 2 great organizations during the Christmas holiday. Unlike in many companies where a few people come together for a cause, at NDS, the entire company banded together to make this happen and support organizations that help our local community. “This was really amazing how it came together in such a short time,” stated Joe Reilly, President of National Drug Screening. “We have an amazing team who through a shared vision, have already accomplished great things.”

Moving into 2020, The NDS Team is planning charitable giving and activities that will span the entire not just during holidays. Julie Floriano, VP of Operations, shared “Our hearts go out to others during the holiday season, but there are always those who are less fortunate or in need not just during the holidays but throughout the year.” Not only will NDS team members be supporting those in the local community, but also National Drug Screening as a company will be providing monetary support, paid time for team members to volunteer, as well as other support.

Being a part of the National Drug Screening, Inc is not just about its employees or growing our business; it’s about coming together as a team and making a difference in people’s lives.” — Shannon Kikendall

Elves for Elders is a program run by Aging Solutions. Every Christmas season there is a list of Elders who are in need of every day basic items from toiletries, and clothing, to fun stuff like music CD’s, and art supplies. Some of these elders of our community are intellectually disabled, or incapable of caring for themselves, and have no family to take care of them. They have become wards of the court and have been provided guardians through Aging Solutions to help them manage their basic needs from healthcare to buying necessities on an allowance. It’s important to give back to our elders who truly need their communities help. That’s why we chose this program so we could make a difference in their lives. Aging Solutions accepts donations all year long, and not just during the holiday season.

The Salvation Army Angel Tree was another organization that caught my attention. Besides just helping Elves for Elders we also wanted to provide gifts for local children and seniors. The individuals that qualify for this program have their name put on a tag and hung a tree. We took 18 of those tags and provided gifts for those who needed clothing, shoes, basic necessities, and also items they truly wanted. “”At some point in our lives I’m pretty sure we didn’t always get everything we wanted on our own Christmas List’s. That’s why we chose this program, to provide to those hearts alike what they truly wanted. I can only imagine the looks on their faces when they open those treasures.” stated Shannon Kikendall. Those gifts consisted of basic needs, bikes, clothing, diapers, various toys, and yes even a PS4 Bundle Pack.

National Drug Screening (NDS) assists employers in reducing liability, improving safety, and attracting and retaining better employees by providing drug testing services, supervisor training, Drug free workplace policy development, and other employer resources. In addition to testing for employers and individuals, NDS provides MRO services, software, and training to assist other drug testing service providers. For more information, contact Tom Fulmer at 321-622-2040.

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National Drug Screening Announces Formation of Charitable Giving Team
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