National Drug Screening 2021 Year in Review

National Drug Screening (NDS), a Melbourne, Fla.-based company offering drug-testing services in all 50 states, exceeded its aggressive financial goals in 2021, reporting more $7 million in revenue — an increase of more than 20 percent from the previous year (see the year-end bonuses NDS employees collected — and richly deserved!).

The company attributes its success to several accomplishments last year — all of which position NDS to continue its growth and advance its mission to help employers build and maintain drug-free work environments that reduce their liability, help them attract and retain better employees and improve workplace safety. Among the 2021 milestones NDS reached:

1. Swift, smart and continual online support for NDS team members. The company implemented a comprehensive, online knowledge base where NDS team members can count on finding professional training and resources, and answers to their questions about NDS products, services, policies and procedures. The company also is pleased to report its employees’ commitment to their professional growth: 60 percent of NDS team members successfully completed various professional trainings from Pryor Learning, which provides thousands of educational opportunities.
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2. Significantly enhanced support for reseller clients. NDS also implemented an online knowledge base for drug testing service providers whose business operations are fueled in part by its array of back-office support services. That support includes Medical Review Officer services and drug-testing management software.

3. Ramped-up production of online training. NDS clients can use online training videos to navigate our web-based portal for receiving drug test results, ordering drug tests and managing random drug testing programs. NDS also has produced a series of six live education webinar trainings, each to be offered periodically throughout a year. Topics include Department of Transportation DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training, Designated Employer Training (DER), Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and Random Program Management Training, Supervisor Training for Reasonable Suspicion, DOT Collector Best Practices and How-to Review, Starting a Drug Testing Business.

4. More efficient customer service. NDS’ Customer Service department delivered even better customer service after successfully implementing the Freshdesk ticketing system for tracking and fulfilling customer service requests in the most efficient manner possible. This software tool increased efficiency and improved response times to NDS customer inquiries and requests.

5. Firm commitment to industry leadership and innovation. NDS President Joe Reilly was recognized by the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA) as the United States’ first Accredited Industry Consultant. He is proud to have met the rigid requirements of NDASA’s accreditation review committee. NDS Vice President of Business Development Tom Fulmer was reelected to the Board of Directors of the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA). Further, NDS received status as an Accredited Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA) from NDASA. Both drug testing industry associations work to establish, promote, and communicate the highest standards of quality and integrity in the substance abuse testing and prevention industry through education, training, and the exchange of ideas.

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6. Firm commitment to creating a vibrant and rewarding workplace. Finding the right team members is challenging, but NDS increased staffing by 24 percent to keep up with the demands of more than 800 new clients in 2021. Florida Trend magazine named NDS a “Best Companies to Work For Award Winner” in July.

7. Focused outreach. With aggressive work in collaboration with partner vendors, NDS’ organic web traffic averaged more than 55,000 new users per month in 2021, and its pay-per-click ad campaigns produced more than $1 million in revenue.

About National Drug Screening

National Drug Screening (NDS) assists employers in reducing liability, improving safety, and attracting and retaining better employees by providing drug testing services, supervisor training, drug-free workplace policy development and other employer resources. In addition to testing for employers and individuals, NDS provides Medical Review Officer (MRO) services, software and training to assist other drug testing service providers. To learn more about National Drug Screening, Inc., please visit our Web Site or contact Tom Fulmer at (321) 622-2040.

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