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  >> Video Blog – Need online remote computer-based training for drug testing and drug free workplace programs?  – Visit:  These are the latest in online training program, up to date and provided by drug testing industry professionals.

These training programs offer self-study and the ability upon completion to download a Certificate.  As an administrator purchasing trainings for your supervisors and/or employees you can keep track of the completion status of these trainings.

National Drug Screening has just built this new portal for online training.  Now is a great time to make sure you get your training needs taken care of.

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training

IF you need DOT specimen collector training, qualification and mock collections, look no further because we can provide this at –   DOT URINE SPECIMEN COLLECTOR TRAINING AND MOCKS.  A train the train course for DOT urine specimen collections is available at: DOT Urine Specimen Collector Train-the-Trainer Program.  If you only need mock collections, there are available at: Remote Mock Collections.

If you need training for hair specimen collections or oral fluid specimen collections, visit: 

Most Popular Online Trainings for Drug Free Workplace

The most popular trainings we offer in this new online portal are:

Supervisor and DER Trainings

An effective drug free workplace includes supervisor training and employee awareness.  DOT regulated employers are required by regulation to have reasonable suspicion supervisor training. If you are the manager of a DOT drug & alcohol testing program, you are the Designated Employer Representative (DER) and you will be enlightened by the DER training.

The DER training is available for all the DOT agencies or modes of transportation: FMCSA, FAA, FRA, FTA, PHJMSA and USCG.  The Designated Employer Representative needs to learn about 49 CFR Part 40 DOT drug testing regulations along with the individual DOT agency regulations for the drug testing program.

Successful Designated Employer Representative (DER) should be able to manage drug and alcohol workplace policies within their companies including providing the necessary training to employees and making determinations of when to test and when a refusal should be determined.  All of your training needs are provided by   Learn what is a DER and what are the responsibilities of a DER.

After completing any of the online trainings for the drug free workplace, National Drug Screening industry professionals are available to answer any of your questions.

My Drug Test Training
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