Learning More About Drug Testing

Drug abuse has always been a major issue for individuals, families, and employers. Whether it’s court ordered drug testing, a pre-hiring drug screening, or something else entirely, drug testing has been used to help ensure that people remain free from drugs and that they are able to continue to deliver their best to society.

And with the increased focus recently on issues like the opioid epidemic, court ordered drug testing, divorce testing, and employment testing are all becoming even more common than before. But understanding everything about testing and what it means can be difficult for the average person or employer. That’s why we’ve begun creating content like this blog – to deliver information on all aspects of drug testing including topics like:

· Workplace drug testing
· Divorce drug testing
· Random testing program management
· Electronic custody and control forms – eCCF for short
· Specimen validity testing
· Pre-hire drug screening processes
· Types of drug tests
· Understanding what ‘panel’ means in the testing world
· And more

By taking the time to help demystify different aspects of drug testing and helping our clients understand all there is to know about testing, it will only enhance the effectiveness of testing. This provides full transparency to our customers while also answering the most common questions about drug testing and ensuring that you are able to use it with confidence no matter what the situation may be.

Essentially, our goal is to help you know all of the fundamentals of drug testing as well as we and our team of professionals do. The end result of doing so means that everyone benefits, and this is a key part of keeping our communities safer and protected from the scourge of drug abuse, from West Palm Beach to Los Angeles and all points in between. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is always here and always ready to help you and ensure that you get the result you need from your testing.

Learning More About Drug Testing
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