Learn More About the Chain of Custody

Learn More About the Chain of Custody

Last updated on October 2nd, 2020 at 05:09 pm

The ‘Chain of Custody’ form is more commonly known as its acronym CCF or CoC, and it refers to the paper trail that is required to maintain the integrity of a drug test. From the time a subject produces a sample until the results are released, every exchange needs to be documented or the results could be disputed. Below, we outline the typical path of a specimen through the entire drug screening process:

Sample Collection
The drug screening chain of custody is designed to protect the subject from any tampering that could affect the sample. Often times, drug tests are taken to start employment, making them crucial to someone’s life and the chain of custody helps ensure a fair process. During collection, the testing facility must have a collecting officer sign off on the forms along with the subject to make sure the sample provided is indeed legitimate.

When the sample arrives at the testing laboratory, they are required to examine the specimen to make sure it was not compromised during delivery. Once they document their findings, the CCF is passed through the laboratory. As the sample is examined by the necessary people, each exchange is documented so that there is no dispute as to the integrity of the sample.

Before the results are released to the subject, a senior member of the analytical staff or a Medical Review Officer must examine the CCF and the specimen itself. If everything checks out, the lab can then release the results to the individual for a passing result. If the subject failed, a confirmatory test must be performed and also documented in the CCF. This stringent process leaves a paper trail that will hold up in the event of a dispute from the individual who was tested. If there are flaws in the CCF, the subject may be entitled to a re-examination.

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