Laboratory Delays with Workplace Drug Testing

Employers have experienced over the past six months longer than average turnaround times to receive drug test results. This can be especially frustrating when a pre-employment test result stalls the process for getting a new employee started in a new job.

There are several causes of current delays. Among them:

By many accounts, the workplace drug testing industry is trying diligently to get drug-test result reporting back to normal. The goal is always to deliver to employers’ results in these timeframes:

Below we will cover the following:

How Employers Can Get Better Turnaround Time on Pre-employment Drug Screen

Drug testing regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation requires all specimens to be sent to a laboratory for analysis, and it will take time for results reporting to return to normal. However, there are timely solutions for securing results from non-regulated testing.

For example, consider instant testing available from National Drug Screening. You can order online or call 866-843-4545 for immediate service. When ordering online, look for the Instant Rapid Urine Test – 5 Panel or 10 Panel.

Through partnerships with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, National Drug Screening can offer instant drug testing — also referred to as a rapid drug test or Point of Collection Testing (POCT) — at Quest and LabCorp facilities throughout the United States. These tests can be ordered online, and negative results can be delivered to the employer within a few hours. Employers can receive these negative results by e-mail or by logging into a secure web portal provided by NDS. Specimens testing non-negative on the initial instant screen at the collection site will require confirmation testing at a lab, and results can take up to four business days once the lab receives the specimen.

National Drug Screening’s instant drug testing at LabCorp facilities nationwide

National Drug Screening’s instant drug testing at Quest facilities nationwide

For Employer and Clinics Collecting Their Own Specimens – instant testing

For employers and clinics collecting their own specimens in house, National Drug Screening offers NexScreen, a solution for instant drug testing using an electronic Custody and Control Form (CCF).

This unique, instant drug testing system immediately reports a negative drug test result. Specimens that test non-negative are sent to a lab for confirmation testing with an electronically generated lab copy CCF form. This short video explains how the NexScreen program works.

National Drug Screening currently is offering thee configurations of instant drug testing with Nexscreen:

Turnaround time drug test
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