Joe Reilly and John Burgos Look Back on NDASA Conference (Video Blog)

We enjoyed this interview with John Burgos a young man who has immersed himself into the drug testing industry over the past five years.  John is quickly becoming a leader in our industry.

John Burgos serves as the Vice President of Accredited Drug Testing, he is also a founding member and board member of the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA). John has been instrumental in the successful launch of NDASA over the past two years. NDASA has quickly become the leading drug testing industry association.  Jim Greer, President of Accredited Drug Testing serves as the Chairman of the Board of the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA).  Jim has provided great mentorship to John Burgos.

NDASA had a successful industry conference and trade show in early March of 2020 just before the lockdowns and social distancing guidelines due to the Covid-19 crisis.  The conference featured great keynote speakers and educational workshops along with wonderful networking opportunities. It was a great treat to meet and hear from Mike Lindell (Keynote Speaker and “My Pillow” Founder/CEO) and special guest 2020 Miss America Camille Schrier. Don’t miss next year’s NDASA conference in St. Louis – May 25th – 27th, 2021.

John Burgos is a great fan of the concept of “Knowledge is Power” – an effective method of providing great customer service to drug testing clients.  Following this concept John has helped to make Accredited Drug Testing a very successful nationwide provider of drug and alcohol testing services, background checks and more.   At the NDASA conference John also provided a fantastic presentation on the new FMCSA Clearinghouse which launched January 6, 2020.

Here is what John said about the important of knowledge and training “I think the most important thing is consistency. Learn the regs, learn the rules and regulations on how to do a proper collection, you know, training, certification costs and education and learning, you know, utilizing the platform that, you know, your knowledge and expertise of your staff provides to us. And having that consistent, you know, recipe input to have the great recipe output is the most important thing, especially in our industry. You know, one slight error, a disconnect of not following a protocol, a procedure can create, you know, issues throughout the drug testing process.”

Enjoy this video interview with John Burgos which also shows some of the great highlights of the March 2020 NDASA drug & alcohol industry conference.

John Burgos with Accredited Drug Testing interview with Joe Reilly of National Drug Screening, Inc

National Drug Screening provides back office services for TPA’s with an MRO team and a TPA software technology platform.

Joe Reilly and John Burgos Look Back on NDASA Conference (Video Blog)
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