How And When To Test For Drugs At Work

Employers often want to create drug-free workplaces. However, many organizational leaders don’t even know where to begin when it comes to getting things going. They shouldn’t spend too much time on the endeavor, though, particularly if it seems like they are just chasing their own tails. Instead, bosses should contact National Drug Testing, Inc., to help them draft their drug policy and perform their drug testing.

The organization has over 60-years of experience as a Medical Review Officer (MRO). As such, team members have the know-how to assist clients in implementing straightforward and cohesive drug policies. They actively listen to what the business owners have to say to ensure that all their particular needs are met. Once all of the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed, then the company can test for drugs at work.

Why Should Employers Drug Screen Potential Employees?

Business owners put a lot on the line when they hire employees. If they choose the wrong person, let’s say someone addicted to cocaine, that individual could partake in illegal activities that smear the company’s reputation. Additionally, candidates that are taking illicit substances may elect to steal from the organization to pay for their habit.

Not to mention, drugs often lead to changes in mood and behavior. Thus, arguments with existing members of the group can break out if a drug user is hired. These examples reveal why it is so crucial for companies to drug testing before agreeing to terms with respective applicants.

When Workers Experience A Dip In Performance

Of course, employees are only human, and they are sure to make some mistakes from time to time. Productivity may decline for some reason.  However, if the representative has been performing well and at a steady pace for years and years, drug use could be afoot. The manager should speak to the worker about their decline in productivity and efficiency to find out if something else is to blame. Who knows, the individual could have experienced a death in the family or be going through a divorce.

When the meetings start to become the new norm, and no noticeable changes have taken place, it might be time to pop a random drug test. 5-panel drug tests check for PCP, THC, opiates, amphetamines, and cocaine. If the employee’s results come back positive for any of the substances, the employer will likely have a decision to make, which is, do they fire the individual or get them into a rehabilitation program?

National Drug Screening Has Over 10,000 Offices Across The United States

In having so many offices, people usually don’t have a problem finding a National Drug Screening location nearby. That is a big draw for a lot of employers as employees don’t have to take half of the day off to complete screenings. Rather, a test can be ordered online or over the phone in minutes. Call 866-843-4545 for immediate testing or employer account set up.

How And When To Test For Drugs At Work
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