Hawaii Employers Can Cut Down On Employee Cocaine Use With Drug Testing

Cocaine is a big problem everywhere. Of course, most people expect it to be an issue on the southern United States border with cartels continually sneaking drugs into the country. However, the schedule I drug is also an issue in The Aloha State. According to KITV Island News, workplace drug testing shows cocaine use is up by approximately 25-percent in 2019. Additionally, the report reveals that positive marijuana rates have dropped by 6.2-percent. Meanwhile, amphetamine figures dipped by 11-percent from the previous quarter.

It Is Important For Business Owners To Follow The Rules

Employers are allowed to drug test applicants and employees in Hawaii. However, they must abide by the laws to do so. For one, the company needs to have a clearly defined drug policy in place. Workers need to receive a copy of the document. They must also receive advanced notice for each and every drug test. Additionally, the workplace donor must obtain a paper telling them of the specific drugs that the testing will cover. Finally, the employee or applicant has to receive a notice, which states that over the counter or prescription medications can produce a positive test.

A 5-Panel Urine Drug Test Will Do The Trick

These exams are commonly used by private businesses as well as government agencies. The 5-panel drug test looks for widely abused substances such as THC, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP. In other words, if your Hawaii employees are abusing coke, making them take a 5-panel drug test will uncover their secret. Then, you will have the evidence needed to take measures to protect the organization that you worked so hard to build.

The Dangers Of On The Job Cocaine Use

Workers that snort the substance on the job put themselves and all of the other employees in a dangerous position. For example, if the individual does a little too much, he or she could overdose on the premises. Should paramedics fail to arrive promptly, the person could die. Plus, cocaine use often brings about mood swings. For instance, if the user runs out of the drug, they could become angry and even violent toward managers or co-workers. Physical altercations or verbal confrontations can break out.

Not to mention, the habit is quite expensive. Hence, if the employee runs out of cocaine and needs another fix, they may start stealing from the company to pay for their addiction. This action can lead to nosediving profits, which is a big no-no as all establishments have to keep a close eye on their bottom lines. So, create a drug-free workplace with drug testing and weed out bad seeds before they become a problem.

Hawaii Employers Can Cut Down On Employee Cocaine Use With Drug Testing
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