Even Individuals May Need To Administer Themselves A Drug Test

Drug screenings are so common that most of us expect them when we take certain steps – applying for a job, filing an insurance or worker’s comp claim, and more. But in most cases, it’s immediately assumed that drug testing and analysis is something that is only administered by an organization, not an individual.

However, the truth is that in many instances, individuals may find that they are in a situation where they need to complete drug testing and analysis on themselves. Surprised? Many people are, but it’s the reality today. Consider some of the situations where an individual may need to focus on drug tests for themselves and you’ll see what we mean.

  • For many who are trying to find sobriety and conquer an addiction, those first steps back to productive living in the world can be difficult and often require passing a drug test. For example, those hoping to find employment need to be able to pass a drug screening and analysis test in order to get their life back on track. Knowing that they can do it is important, and a self-test makes it possible.
  • Contractors often need to be able to show that they are clean before an organization will contract work out to them. As such, providing proof that you’ve taken a drug test will often be needed for work.
  • For insurance companies, a drug screening may be a part of qualifying for coverage or for receiving a settlement amount. Taking drug testing and analysis screenings and passing them will be instrumental in making this possible.
  • During child custody cases, drug tests may be ordered as part of the determination for custody or visitation. Knowing that one can pass a test can help ensure that they are able to move through the custody process with the best results possible.

In short, individuals may find that they need to take their own drug test in a variety of situations including those above. It’s a simple fact of life in the modern era, and one that you’ll need to be prepared for.

Even Individuals May Need To Administer Themselves A Drug Test
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