Employers and The Kentucky Opioid Epidemic

There are plenty of parts of the US that have been hit hard by the opioid epidemic, but few have been hit as hard or as catastrophically as Kentucky. Each year more than 1,000 people die from opioid involved deaths – almost double the national rate. And along with the immediate deaths are the facts that diseases like hepatitis and HIV are rising significantly in the state – as well as crimes related to abuse – it’s not hard to see why Kentucky is in a state of emergency as they try to confront this issue.

But what is also important to note is that for employers, there are many additional risks associated with opioid abuse in the state. Hiring one individual who has an opioid abuse problem is all it takes to end up with numerous challenges. Some of the risks of hiring one individual who is addicted to opioids include:

  • Increased chance of work related accidents
  • Increased callouts and lower attendance
  • Workplace noncompliance issues
  • The risk of a lawsuit being filed against you
  • Increased risk of theft or other criminal activity
  • And more

In short, you must take steps to confront opioid use and keep your workplace drug free. One of the best options is to use a 10-panel drug test to identify potential risks. Every employee who is hired should be given a pre-employment drug screening, and doing so is well within the legal rights of every employer in Kentucky.

Additionally, you will want to consider ongoing random Kentucky drug testing to keep your workplace clean, and if an accident or incident occurs you can always use drug testing to make sure that drug use isn’t to blame for the accident itself.

A 10 panel drug test is fast, easy, and affordable, and can be administered quickly to get results fast. Employers can even select the specific drugs that they want the test to focus on, ensuring that they are able to protect their workplace from exactly what kind of risks they are considered with.

Best of all, it’s easy to outsource your needs as well. You can have a drug testing facility handle the process of running the 10 panel drug test and making sure that you hire only the best employees for the job. Just be sure that you have a clear, easy to understand drug testing policy that each applicant and employee is aware of and signs. From there, you have the right to use testing to maintain a better workplace and protect yourself and your employees from the Kentucky opioid epidemic

Employers and The Kentucky Opioid Epidemic
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