Election 2014 and Marijuana

November 4, 2014 medical and recreational initiatives in 2014 election 

 Medical Marijuana  

  • Approved in Guam (Proposal 14A by 56% to 44%)  
  • Rejected in Florida

(Amendment 2: 43% to 57%) 

Orlando lawyer John Morgan spent $4 million to get Amendment 2 on the 2014 ballot and became the measure’s public face.  Florida voters did not approve an Amendment that would permit the use of medical marijuana.  “We are very happy that our quality of life here in Florida is going to be preserved,” said Calvina Fay, executive director of St. Petersburg’s Drug Free America Foundation. “We are not going to be seeing pot shops everywhere. We are not going to see opportunities for marijuana to be promoted for our children. We are happy the voters in our state took time to actually read the amendment and vote smart.  

So far, the Florida Legislature has rebuffed any attempt to fully legalize medical marijuana through legislation. This year — under pressure from some parents of epileptic children — the Legislature did approve one strain of noneuphoric pot called Charlotte’s Web.

But noneuphoric pot cannot match more powerful varieties when it comes to treating pain or other debilitating conditions, advocates say. 

Legal Personal Use  

  • Approved in Washington D.C. (Initiative 71- 64% in favor – possession) 
  • Approved in Oregon (Measure 91 – 54% approval – retail shops) 
  • Approved in Alaska (Ballot measure 2 – leading 52% with 97% of votes in – retail shops) 
  • Approved in South Portland, ME (52% to 48%) 
  • Rejected in Lewiston, ME (55% to 45%) 

Marijuana and the States.

  • To date, no court has ruled in favor of an employee suing an employer regarding medical marijuana.
  • 34 States have passed some form of medical cannabis law
  • 11 of 34 States are Cannabidiol (CBD) which has no or very little psychoactive ingredients
  • Under New York’s new medical marijuana law a marijuana patient is protected by the states disability law

Election 2014 and Marijuana

Election 2014 and Marijuana

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